September 28, 2020

Kavitha Muralidharan

  • Who Wants A Bound Script?
    Who Wants A Bound Script?

    After a flurry of coups and near-coronations, TN may settle down to a Thevar-Gounder tug of war

  • While Amma’s Throne Awaits
    While Amma’s Throne Awaits

    Sasikala’s coup was always lurking in the script somewhere, but OPS’s defiance has stumped her

  • ­The Arrival Of Cyclone Chinna Amma
    ­The Arrival Of Cyclone Chinna Amma

    Sasikala, a Jayalalitha or a Janaki redux? That’s a ­million-dollar question for the post-Amma party.

  • Thevar Vs Thevar
    Thevar Vs Thevar

    Will OPS last? Will Sasikala prevail? Other castes are are BJP, Congress.

  • Caste Over Tamil Pride
    Caste Over Tamil Pride

    Dravidian politics was universal, at least in theory. The Thevar rise changes the grammar.

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