October 27, 2020

Vinod Mehta

Former Editor-In-Chief,Outlook group of publications

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    I am not a diehard Modi supporter yet. Nor am I a fan. What I am presently doing is watching...

  • The Big Boss
    The Big Boss

    PM Modi is off to an encouraging start. Will the momentum last?

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Vindictiveness was a trait attributed by many to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, we have seen...

  • Can The Congress Be Reinvented?
    Can The Congress Be Reinvented?

    Sonia and Rahul need to listen to candid views, especially those at variance with their thinking, instead of...

  • A Fresh Beginning
    A Fresh Beginning

    If after taking the oath of office, Modi issues instructions ordering the expulsion of Giriraj Singh from the...

  • Scepticism, Not Cynicism
    Scepticism, Not Cynicism

    Will Modi pleasantly surprise his critics by turning out to be an inclusive leader who is as concerned about...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Narendrabhai would have a much stronger fight on his hands if he faced a more coherent opposition.

  • Media: The Turn Of The Phrase
    Media: The Turn Of The Phrase

    The writing on the wall doesn’t mean we drop our guard or critical faculties. But neither does it mean we...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    I felt I could do the unthinkable, i.e. vote BJP. Then just a week before polling date, the old Modi...

  • A Five Year Plan
    A Five Year Plan

    Rahul Gandhi and his party must become the 'model' opposition if they wish to regain the public goodwill that...

  • Scotch With Katy
    Scotch With Katy

    Prolific, generous, wicked maverick—his epitaph had no higher aim

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Come May 16, Naren­dra Modi will be prime minister of India. Time for some serious thinking for his critics

  • Should We Give Narendra Modi A Chance?
    Should We Give Narendra Modi A Chance?

    In his speeches, Modi pleads: "For 60 years you gave a chance to the Congress, now give me a chance for 60...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Writing about the near-terminal aff­l­­i­c­tions that plague our democracy is a futile, dem­oralising...

  • The Temple Of Democracy
    The Temple Of Democracy

    What next? Murder in the Lok Sabha? Stabbing of the Speaker? A time bomb under the PM's seat?

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    So was there anything that Rahul Gandhi did ‘right’ in the Arnab Goswami interview?

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    “So, when are you joining the Aam Aadmi Party?”, enquired a half-friend, half-enemy...

  • A Time To Rejoice
    A Time To Rejoice

    A rare fragrant wind blows through our troubled land. Hope, optimism, expectation, and a sense of common...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    When an old pseudo-secularist like me says get ready for a Narendra Modi-led NDA government, you’d better...

  • Why Vajpayee Should Get The Bharat Ratna
    Why Vajpayee Should Get The Bharat Ratna

    When it comes to national icons, the BJP's cupboard is utterly bare. It is in the country's interest they...

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