April 21, 2021

Ajay Sukumaran

  • The Vax Shot Caught Short
    The Vax Shot Caught Short

    As a resurgent Covid threatens to upend India yet again, vaccine shortage is the last thing a beleagured...

  • Appa Vs Appa
    Appa Vs Appa

    A minister complaining to the governor about his own CM? It can happen when you have Yediyurappa and...

  • A Jab To Block An Uppercut
    A Jab To Block An Uppercut

    Vaccines are here, inoculation is ramped up...just when you thought happy days are here again, Covid barrels...

  • Tangled Mess Of Sex Tape
    Tangled Mess Of Sex Tape

    He may have lost his place in the Karnataka cabinet, and the woman who accused him may have wavered in her...

  • Ayurveda The Alter Native?
    Ayurveda The Alter Native?

    The pandemic has spurred a ­growing interest in India’s traditional ­system of healing, though the taint...

  • Back To Normal? Well, Almost
    Back To Normal? Well, Almost

    It’s one year since Atlas shrugged, and our planet turned upside down. Have we come back to the way we...

  • Chat Up Privacy
    Chat Up Privacy

    Others cash in on fears over WhatsApp’s policy, but a fug of doubt lingers over data protection

  • Rejig Ripples
    Rejig Ripples

    Following expansion of the Yediyurappa cabinet in Karnataka last month, loyalist veterans feel they haven’t...

  • In Search Of Sadda Haq
    In Search Of Sadda Haq

    A disabled doctor fighting for wages, an interfaith couple marrying against parents’ wishes, two ­lovers...

  • A Second Shot At Life
    A Second Shot At Life

    Thalassaemia and blood cancer—the only cure is a bone marrow transplant from a donor, also called stem cell...

  • Farm Fire Singes JD(S)
    Farm Fire Singes JD(S)

    What explains Kumaraswamy’s curious warmth towards BSY? Maybe tactics, but he risked even his party’s...

  • A To Z
    A To Z

    Computer terminology has been part of our vocabulary for years but many of those words and acronyms can still...

  • All On Board? Nah
    All On Board? Nah

    A Bidar bypoll. The old, troubled waters around the Kannada-Maratha border are astir. BSY lobs a lollipop at...

  • Just A Second
    Just A Second

    Do deputy chief ministers count in the leader-takes-all play?

  • The VacScene
    The VacScene

    Who gets it first? 30 crore people have been identified to get it within a year. The 50-plus, then healthcare...

  • ‘India Will Need Hundreds Of Millions Of Doses’
    ‘India Will Need Hundreds Of Millions Of Doses’

    Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute, says he’s expecting the Indian trials of the Oxford vaccine to be...

  • Vokkaliga League And Two Bypolls
    Vokkaliga League And Two Bypolls

    Two seats in Karnataka will go to the polls on November 3. The result won’t hamper the BJP’s rule, but...

  • Covid Cloud Over Dasara
    Covid Cloud Over Dasara

    The raging pandemic has put a big question mark over Mysore's 400-year-old celebrations

  • The Report In Blood
    The Report In Blood

    Serosurveys suggest high prevalence of Covid infection, but little indication that herd immunity is kicking in

  • Billion-Dose Race
    Billion-Dose Race

    It won’t be before mid-2021 that a limited dose of Covid vaccine reaches various countries. Here are the...

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