January 17, 2021

Amit Ahuja

  • The Instrumentalist
    The Instrumentalist

    Brand Modi is about nothing but a ruthless pursuit of victory. The man plays to win. But his true test will...

  • Speaking Cash To Power
    Speaking Cash To Power

    The controversy over Mayawati's garland of currency notes refuses to die. Question the source of the money by...

  • Bow Head, Grease Palms
    Bow Head, Grease Palms

    ...with folded hands: for the government official is not a service provider but a dispenser of favours. He...

  • Coalition Blackmail
    Coalition Blackmail

    Vinod Mehta argues that the conclusion of the nuclear stand-off reflects the majority opinion in the country....

  • Trouble In The House Of Saffron
    Trouble In The House Of Saffron

    As the BJP tries to reinvent itself, its new face is not readily acceptable to its ideological siblings....

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