October 27, 2020

Aniruddha Bahal

  • The Zen Warrior
    The Zen Warrior

    Lance Klusener's brief stint with the South African military intelligence informs his game Lance Klusener...

  • The Second Coming
    The Second Coming

    Tendulkar’s new stint as captain will be different

  • Fixing The Blame
    Fixing The Blame

    Will the PCB be able to keep Akram down? And will the BCCI take a leaf out of its book?

  • Rearming The Armed Forces
    Rearming The Armed Forces

    Procedural delays and a pared budget are the biggest hurdles to modernising the services

  • ... And A Touch Of Madness
    ... And A Touch Of Madness

    Getting the best out of the man on the battlefield can take many different things

  • The Rumour Mills
    The Rumour Mills

    Reporters in the area had to sift facts from rumours and downright disinformation

  • Leading From The Front
    Leading From The Front

    Officers drove their men by setting examples to follow

  • Sunny, 50 Not Out
    Sunny, 50 Not Out

    Having crossed his half-century mark, the little master is content with the simpler things in life

  • Azhar Isn't Y2K Compliant
    Azhar Isn't Y2K Compliant

    Jadeja is a tempting choice, but it's Sachin who must play helmsman in India's millennium team

  • 'I'd Be More Aggressive As Captain'
    'I'd Be More Aggressive As Captain'

    He's the man who seemed to inject some life into the Indian team at Sharjah. And could well become India's...

  • On The Road
    On The Road

  • Thinking Aloud
    Thinking Aloud

    Tom Wolfe adds spice to Hay fest by carrying literary feuds to the rostrum

  • On The Road
    On The Road

  • 'These Pitches Suit My Game'
    'These Pitches Suit My Game'

    Here, the Indian batsman answers some questions in an interview, held on the morning after his splendid...

  • On The Road
    On The Road

  • From The Commentators' Box
    From The Commentators' Box

    Former greats announce their verdict on Azhar, Sachin and India's chances in the World Cup

  • 'Azhar Is Too Tense To Help His Team'
    'Azhar Is Too Tense To Help His Team'

    He is cricket's most charismatic personality and, perhaps, even more of a crowd-puller than Sachin Tendulkar....

  • On The Road
    On The Road

  • The Numbing Of Azhar
    The Numbing Of Azhar

    Vilified and scorned, Azharuddin's long career threatens to end in a cipher

  • A Change Of Guard?
    A Change Of Guard?

    It's time. If experts and Azhar's colleagues are paid heed to.

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