January 25, 2021
Anjana Basu

Anjana Basu

Anjana Basu is a Kolkata-based author and columnist. Views expressed are personal

  • Matrilineal Hold
    Matrilineal Hold

    Indentured labour, the 1971 War and search for identity are woven in a mother-haunted novel

  • Lord’s Sweet Blows
    Lord’s Sweet Blows

    A school swaddled in sensuality, saffron and rectitude packs an ominous presentiment

  • The Best In His Line
    The Best In His Line

    A well-lit magnetic thespian and his lifelong influence over typecast and rounded others

  • Slippery Barbie Tattoo
    Slippery Barbie Tattoo

    Neon-lit, pulpy prose tracks the scapegrace Charlie in his myriad mishaps across Delhi

  • Calcutta In Dark Sci
    Calcutta In Dark Sci

    This one propels the accumulated anxieties of a city into a shape-shifting future vortex

  • Mother’s Not Home
    Mother’s Not Home

    A controlled, subtle tale of how a core of secrecy in a family secretes lasting sadness

  • His Paper Chase
    His Paper Chase

    A first-person biography tells of the career of a pioneer Indian editor, but avoids significance

  • Hunting By Her Light
    Hunting By Her Light

    Nur Jahan seduced, intrigued and ruled like few women did. This is a fine tribute, with breaks.

  • On Vermillion Skies
    On Vermillion Skies

    Half a century’s storms buffet lives in south Asia in this simply told, sweeping narrative

  • In Prelapsarian Abandon
    In Prelapsarian Abandon

    Liberal in approach, perorative in tone, Tharoor decries the loss of Hinduism’s ancient openness at the...

  • In Muntazir, Home Of A Prince
    In Muntazir, Home Of A Prince

    Marked by deeply-felt lyricism, this novel, set largely in the inter-war years in India and Bali, is a...

  • Come To Lord Over Us
    Come To Lord Over Us

    The Indian need for a king conflated the benevolent Hobbesian monarch with the need to overthrow British...

  • Cries In Twilight Hours
    Cries In Twilight Hours

    A sense of filial abandonment stalks and steers the life of the heroine and provides the framework for this...

  • Depth Charge To Shambala
    Depth Charge To Shambala

    Maitreya Buddha’s birth leads to a fantasy-laden dive into the world of Buddhist myth, populated by yakshas...

  • Not Quite Ready To Mingle
    Not Quite Ready To Mingle

    Exploring the experiences of single women in India, Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s book lays bare the barriers,...

  • One Thousand Paper Cranes
    One Thousand Paper Cranes

    In this evocatively written tale of a girl growing up, concrete reality slips out of reach, yet is all the...

  • Panjandrum In Disorder Central
    Panjandrum In Disorder Central

    This dark atmospheric text about Francis Newton Xavier, poet and painter, bristles with the nature of the two...

  • Lessons Of Amorous Sentiment
    Lessons Of Amorous Sentiment

    Amid a young Indian’s notches on his American bedposts and flashes of life back in Bihar, Amitava Kumar...

  • Lattice Of Lyrical Majesticity
    Lattice Of Lyrical Majesticity

    The royal masque in Akbar’s glittering court at Fatehpur Sikri is occasion for Sealy’s exquisite...

  • Her Emotions Curdled Thick
    Her Emotions Curdled Thick

    This slim novel stews in the passionate juice of wronged love. The protagonist, symbolically wedded to deep...

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