April 22, 2021

Ashutosh Kumar Sinha

  • Surf's Up
    Surf's Up

    The chips are down for ISPs as they scramble for marketshare. And a shakeout looks inevitable.

  • Calling Rural India
    Calling Rural India

    Villages, long neglected by DoT, go cellular as private operators tap a nascent market

  • Relying On Friends
    Relying On Friends

    The agency is told it has no case against Balasubramaniam

  • Murphy Rules
    Murphy Rules

    Economic slowdown, feeble policies, low investor confidence, everything's going wrong in the FM

  • The World Is My Web
    The World Is My Web

    Indian Netpreneurs are only beginning to trawl the future. The first success stories.

  • Spreading The Web
    Spreading The Web

    Monopoly is finally over—the entry of private players will spur the proliferation of the Internet

  • Lord Of The Chips
    Lord Of The Chips

    Higher processing speed is what the world's heading for

  • The Journey Begins Now
    The Journey Begins Now

    Come 2005, and the Metro may end Delhiites' commuting woes

  • A Miracle In Operation
    A Miracle In Operation

    Cardiac tele-medicine becomes a reality as telecom and surgery come together at the Escorts Heart Institute

  • The World According To ERP
    The World According To ERP

    Thanks to Enterprise Resource Planning, a CEO now knows every detail of his firm.

  • Peter Knows It All
    Peter Knows It All

    The British Telecom chief maps the future of the infotech world

  • News Of A Kidnapping
    News Of A Kidnapping

    Making sense of the Assam crisis

  • The Most Wanted Delhiite On Earth
    The Most Wanted Delhiite On Earth

    Did his $2-billion worth of crooked deals trigger off the Asian economic meltdown? Meet...

  • Ominous Ring
    Ominous Ring

    Private operators may lose out to MTNL's cheaper cellphone services if the Delhi high court order remains...

  • 526 Days To Doomsday
    526 Days To Doomsday

    A software nightmare looms large, but sadly most Indian companies still have not woken up to the Y2K challenge

  • To Nab The Dot Busters
    To Nab The Dot Busters

    Taxpayers are picking up the telephone tabs of defaulting politicians and businessmen

  • Triple-S On Trial
    Triple-S On Trial

    Three new schemes, courtesy the FM, in a move to declog and boost the economy

  • Less Trauma Now
    Less Trauma Now

    There's hope yet for Delhi's accident-prone denizens

  • From Pots To Pans
    From Pots To Pans

    India's first privatised service gives DOT a run for its money

  • Swadeshi Rollback
    Swadeshi Rollback

    Industry euphoria gives way to scepticism, as Sinha buckles under vociferous protests

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