October 25, 2020
Boria Majumdar

Boria Majumdar

  • Stillness At The  Bleachers
    Stillness At The Bleachers

    Indiscipline stalks, then tears into Australian cricket. Can they wrest hope from the ruins?

  • ‘I Don’t Care If I Score Four Ducks If Oz Wins’
    ‘I Don’t Care If I Score Four Ducks If Oz Wins’

    The Aussie captain on the challenges a tour of India poses, and his team's chances

  • ‘It’s An Honour To Be The Premier Spinner In The Indian Team’
    ‘It’s An Honour To Be The Premier Spinner In The Indian Team’

    “The new delivery is related to, but differs from, the carrom ball. It is bowled with the same grip, but...

  • Frontman Cometh
    Frontman Cometh

    Kohli, the young prince with a golden bat, is ripe for T20 captaincy

  • Daybreak  At Lord’s
    Daybreak At Lord’s

    Drawn from the iconic C.K. Nayudu’s compendious scrapbooks, this is the story of India’s first England...

  • Chasing A Dream
    Chasing A Dream

    Is a successful London 2012 possible for India? Or will a sports culture remain an illusion with India not...

  • When Olympic Sports Lost Out
    When Olympic Sports Lost Out

    Until the early 1980s, cricket was not the most pre-eminent Indian game. It was popular but hockey was the...

  • The Sachin Parva Forever
    The Sachin Parva Forever

    It’s his integrity and the level of his commitment to the game that make Tendulkar a profoundly different...

  • Hitler's Games
    Hitler's Games

    Berlin Olympics of 1936 finally put to rest the question mark against India's hockey supremacy. Exclusive...

  • 'The World's Best Centre-Forward'
    'The World's Best Centre-Forward'

    Dhyan Chand scored 14 of India's 29 goals in Amsterdam.

  • The Golden Years
    The Golden Years

    Between 1928 and 1956, India won six straight Olympic gold medals and 24 consecutive matches, a record likely...

  • When The Spokes Came Off
    When The Spokes Came Off

    Nothing epitomizes the early battles between Indian sport administrators better than the case of Indian...

  • 'A Continent As Big As Europe'
    'A Continent As Big As Europe'

    The YMCA's early role in the Indian Olympic movement cannot be emphasized enough. Its national network...

  • Peasants On The Athletics Track
    Peasants On The Athletics Track

    To Sir Dorab Tata goes the credit of starting systematic Olympic activity on Indian soil in 1920

  • On The IOC's Trail
    On The IOC's Trail

    Discovering The Archive: Extracts from the Prologue to the book

  • Missing: The Fifth Test
    Missing: The Fifth Test

    Frankly, at the end of four Tests, we don't have a winner. Australia may have won the series 2-1, but the...

  • Our Five Wise Men
    Our Five Wise Men

    If the argument for dropping Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly is that they are liabilities on the field and it...

  • Let's Just Shut Up
    Let's Just Shut Up

    Let us first put a few things in context. The Daily Telegraph of 13 January calls the Indians the worst ...

  • 'Anti Indian' Speed?
    'Anti Indian' Speed?

    Section of the Indian media have labelled the ICC chief 'anti-Indian' In Australia, the country of his birth,...

  • A Farcical End
    A Farcical End

    Having watched the entire tournament, it is perhaps right to say that on the one side are piled the numerous...

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