January 16, 2021

Charu Lata Joshi

  • Cleaning Up The Stables
    Cleaning Up The Stables

    The Supreme Court chastises the government, tells it to lay off the investigative agencies

  • An Old Boys Club?
    An Old Boys Club?

    The appointment of an IAS officer as Central Vigilance Commissioner sparks off a row

  • Some Sops On The Side
    Some Sops On The Side

  • Spar Over A Rainbow
    Spar Over A Rainbow

    A government panel set up to 'review' curricula wants to incorporate India's composite culture, not its...

  • A Transfer Too Many
    A Transfer Too Many

    The juggling of bureaucrats raises many uncomfortable questions

  • A Slur On The Judiciary
    A Slur On The Judiciary

    Judges unanimously condemn the rejection of the Srikrishna report by the Sena government

  • A New Gambit
    A New Gambit

    BJP thwarts Congress' alliance plans by naming Swamy and Karunanidhi

  • "The Jain Panel Is A Joke"
    "The Jain Panel Is A Joke"

    For someone who figures in the final report of the Jain Commission of Inquiry (JCI), Vikram...

  • The Probe After The Probe
    The Probe After The Probe

    The action taken report, yet to be tabled, proposes a panel to prosecute the guilty in the Rajiv case

  • Finally All Fingers Point To A  Foreign Hand
    Finally All Fingers Point To A  Foreign Hand

    The Jain Commission's final report focuses on a larger international conspiracy, and the CIA-Mossad-LTTE...

  • Ram Jethmalani
    Ram Jethmalani

    The lawyer-turned-minister on how he plans to transform Delhi into a heaven

  • Like Jain, Like Liberhans
    Like Jain, Like Liberhans

    The commission probing the Ayodhya demolition is near-ready with a damning report

  • Jethmalani Nails Jethmalani
    Jethmalani Nails Jethmalani

    He may find it hard to fight off a FERA violation probe, but the case against Hegde is weaker

  • Swami's New Saviours
    Swami's New Saviours

    Will friends in the BJP coalition help Chandraswami wriggle out of the cases against him?

  • Public Eye, Put No Tinted Lens
    Public Eye, Put No Tinted Lens

    The judiciary proposes curtailing of legislative control over the CBI to ensure its freedom from political...

  • The Karachi Cul-De-Sac
    The Karachi Cul-De-Sac

    Dawood Ibrahim leads a staid life in a fortified ISI safehouse

  • Interim Alarm Bells
    Interim Alarm Bells

    The panel's 2,000-page report could herald a flare-up between the UF and the Congress

  • Star Crossed
    Star Crossed

    Star TV boss Rathikant Basu tries desperately to save his job as the CBI gets ready to file cases against him

  • Rolls Royces In Dawoodland
    Rolls Royces In Dawoodland

    IT'S probably one of the bulkiest dossiers the Intelligence Bureau has on any criminal

  • A Judicial Tightrope
    A Judicial Tightrope

    The CBI director, like Caesar's wife, should be above suspicion

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