September 27, 2020

Deepak Sapra

  • Korea Border Diary
    Korea Border Diary

    In Outlook this week, a diary from the De-Militarised Zone.

  • Basel Diary
    Basel Diary

    The notion of national and anti-national, a big deal in the India of 2016, seems rather alien to life in the...

  • Japan Diary
    Japan Diary

    It is indeed hard to find ‘Made in Japan’ stuff in Japan. It seems everything is made in China.

  • North Pole Diary
    North Pole Diary

    From this vantage, Calcutta seems just as close as Chicago, Delhi just as far as Dallas.

  • Mexico City Diary
    Mexico City Diary

    Mexico is one of the fattest nations in the world, with a third of its population obese.

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