March 06, 2021
Diksha Basu

Diksha Basu

  • A Leap Of Faith
    A Leap Of Faith

    I was going to pay money to feel terrified for 11 seconds but I knew, from the moment I booked my tickets to...

  • Not So Fast
    Not So Fast

    Lots of people, my grandmother included, fast on a regular basis; one day would be simple. Or so I thought...

  • The Knausgaard Effect
    The Knausgaard Effect

    Mourn not yet the death of bookshops and literature—a Norwegian writer, now living in Sweden, is a...

  • The Right To Write
    The Right To Write

    Does 'authenticity' lie in the object of an experience or in the subject having the experience? Who is...

  • The Bandra Boom
    The Bandra Boom

    Maybe Bandra changed or maybe I changed or, more likely, we both changed and are now being forced to...

  • An Actor’s Diary
    An Actor’s Diary

    There were two things that really stood out for me. The first, all over Punjab, was the lack of women in...

  • Is There A 'Real' India?
    Is There A 'Real' India?

    One that is somehow not accessible to someone who happens to visit only places such as Jaipur, Agra, Delhi,...

  • Alice Munro And Me
    Alice Munro And Me

    Last week when Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize, it was more than just a writer I admire winning the prize.

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