January 17, 2021

Gauri Bhatia

  • Naukri.Co.In...Or.Out?

    It's raining jobs in the services sector, but only the urban educated get it

  • Plan A...Ain't? Here's Plan A+
    Plan A...Ain't? Here's Plan A+

    The first media audit outfit in India, Spatial Access is helping advertisers get more bang for their buck

  • No Smooth Sale
    No Smooth Sale

    Fortunately, two weeks later, it seems that the Indian economy will ride out the tsunami effect. A detailed...

  • Bubble Trouble
    Bubble Trouble

    Everyone's tiring of 'K'. Niche and news are devouring the entertainment pie.

  • A Lot More People In The Sky
    A Lot More People In The Sky

  • Snail Mail Souped Up
    Snail Mail Souped Up

    The Indian postal system is giving itself a modern outlook

  • English Bole To...
    English Bole To...

    A language that holds the key to a successful career. And thrifty businessmen are starting coaching centres...

  • All Hands On The Decc
    All Hands On The Decc

    The no-frills, low-budget Air Deccan flights are also a largely no-problem experience

  • Reforms Left Out
    Reforms Left Out

    The row over foreign experts in the plan panel shows how the Left is stalling the reformers in the government...

  • Union Jacks
    Union Jacks

    With Left supporting UPA, trade unions go hyperactive, either in disappointment or in hope of better redressal

  • Splurge On The Verge
    Splurge On The Verge

    Obsessive compulsive shopper? It's either a chemical imbalance or an impulse disorder.

  • Don't Chug It, Fly
    Don't Chug It, Fly

    Ex-United Airlines chief Rono Dutta is now Sahara boss. Right away, he's started a price war.

  • Sunshine In A Briefcase
    Sunshine In A Briefcase

    Seven years in political wilderness and he's lost none of his touch. The gentle tug of the CMP was all over,...

  • Steam In A Mug
    Steam In A Mug

    Reading the future in coffee cups? Well, coffee bars may try out many flavourings before settling on a...

  • Gimme Red
    Gimme Red

    They may go soft on the UPA—to keep the BJP at bay

  • Red Curry Feels Good
    Red Curry Feels Good

    The Congress-led coalition will realise the potential of economic reforms, precisely because of the Left

  • Reform The Reforms?
    Reform The Reforms?

    For the man on the street, the BJP's roads and dollars show held little shine

  • Our Sun Is Shiningest
    Our Sun Is Shiningest

    Indian businessmen are the most gung-ho about their future, as a Grant Thornton worldwide survey indicates

  • The Daily Noose
    The Daily Noose

    The surge in programmes portraying the lighter side of news claims a large viewership, but are they a...

  • Cheap Thrills
    Cheap Thrills

    Prices of everything from soaps to ACs to bikes is crashing. Is everything alright?

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