April 22, 2021

Ghulam Hasnain

  • Whose Maulana Is He Anyway?
    Whose Maulana Is He Anyway?

    Masood Azhar's links with the ISI—or is it RAW?—gives him the shadowy contours of a double agent

  • Who Let The Dogs Out...
    Who Let The Dogs Out...

    Was it our intelligence agencies who turned a Karachi shootout into a Chhota Shakeel murder?

  • The Making Of A Coup
    The Making Of A Coup

  • Lyrics Of Diplomacy
    Lyrics Of Diplomacy

    Pakistan is wooing Indian stars—for peace and money

  • Behind Faith's Iron Curtain
    Behind Faith's Iron Curtain

    Under the Taliban's fanatical policing lurks a corrupt, decayed regime, one cursed by the Afghans

  • At Home In Exile
    At Home In Exile

  • Scapegoat Martyrs
    Scapegoat Martyrs

    A year has passed, but nobody in Pakistan, not even the army, knows why the Kargil operation was mounted, or...

  • Ready For Jehad
    Ready For Jehad

    A first-hand account from Pakistan on how the proxy war is bred and sustained

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