April 16, 2021
I.K. Gujral

I.K. Gujral

  • A Sutlej Funeral I Can't Forget
    A Sutlej Funeral I Can't Forget

    Nayar goes beyond his patently heroic subject to record mass movements with a wide arc of influence and the...

  • Portrait Of A Poet-King
    Portrait Of A Poet-King

    If politics is the art of the possible, Vajpayee is an accomplished craftsman

  • Liberty's Civil Caretaker
    Liberty's Civil Caretaker

    Krishan Kant was a Gandhian to the last: he died a satisfied man, sans all malice.

  • Why Najam Is Necessary
    Why Najam Is Necessary

    In the era of social change, autocratic regimes and minds want to edit both history and news

  • Footprints Of Fundamentalism
    Footprints Of Fundamentalism

    The fundamentalists are of all hues, not confined to one belief or religion

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