April 20, 2021

Inder Malhotra

  • A Road Trip
    A Road Trip

    An absorbing tale rather than a scholarly history, written like a political thriller.

  • Killer Gaps In Post-Office Red
    Killer Gaps In Post-Office Red

    A controversial historian theorises on the West’s gallop to the top of the world

  • He Was A Camera
    He Was A Camera

    B.G. Verghese is one of our most feted journalists. He tells the story of independent India as he saw it...

  • An Inheritance Well Spent
    An Inheritance Well Spent

    Courtesy defined 'KK' as much as his immense status as an industrialist

  • A Make Believe World
    A Make Believe World

    To imagine that America would invest so heavily in the nuclear deal with India and then be content to be left...

  • Under The Shade Of
Two Thousand Umbrellas
    Under The Shade Of Two Thousand Umbrellas

    Nair recounts all the goodness of the man, but also his flaws: his unfailing unpunctuality, pedagogy

  • A State Affair
    A State Affair

    Although ostensibly about the Raj, the freedom struggle and Partition, what it dwells on is the Nehru-Edwina...

  • Same Old, Same Old
    Same Old, Same Old

    So what's the latest? That there is no deal with Musharraf but that Benazir would "work with him"? But only...

  • Beginning Of The End?
    Beginning Of The End?

    The fall of the Musharraf regime may not be imminent, but the sudden and spectacular agitation against him...

  • So What's Musharraf Playing At?
    So What's Musharraf Playing At?

    Why all this fuss and pother over Musharraf's much-hyped interview, especially if he has only repeated what...

  • The Advantages
Of A Long Nose
    The Advantages Of A Long Nose

    Who better than him to provide this thumbnail sketch of our contemporary history, gossip and all?

  • Indira, Black & White
    Indira, Black & White

    Images of Indira you'd have seen before, but still a visual treat from the master craftsman

  • Yours, Goongi Gudiya
    Yours, Goongi Gudiya

    The way their public personages enter this intimate realm makes it more than a filial diary

  • What If Shastri Hadn't Died Suddenly In Tashkent?
    What If Shastri Hadn't Died Suddenly In Tashkent?

    Indira Gandhi might never have become prime minister. There would have been no question of her dominating the...

  • A Well-Spoken Book
    A Well-Spoken Book

    Old wine in a new bottle? But, then, some vintage wines are so superb that one cannot tire of savouring them

  • Icarus In The Hooghly
    Icarus In The Hooghly

    The first Indian owner of the ToI was no saint

  • Closing Out An Innings
    Closing Out An Innings

    Spanning six decades, the memoir's also a critique of present-day journalism

  • Looking Back At Simla
    Looking Back At Simla

    Welcome views from both sides of the border, but one slightly blighted

  • A Liberal's Lament
    A Liberal's Lament

    A 'good Muslim' re-examines the dilemmas posed by Partition

  • Storm Toss'd
    Storm Toss'd

    The light did shine at midnight, but there's been enough darkness at high noon.

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