September 18, 2020

Ishita Moitra

  • Holy Trinity
    Holy Trinity

    Each in his own inimitable way defined the Masala Hindi Film. Reeling in the years...

  • Bulle Shah's Boys
    Bulle Shah's Boys

    With Indian musicians fixated on remix mantras, from across the border come invaders riding a frothy surf

  • The Tube Gets To Tenali
    The Tube Gets To Tenali

    A little late in the day, but desi Birbals are coming into their own in a world of Mickeys and Popeyes

  • Ara Ra Ra! Go For The Gujular
    Ara Ra Ra! Go For The Gujular

    Bhangra is out, Dandiya is in. Gujarati is everywhere, on the tube and in the halls.

  • Ali Azmat
    Ali Azmat

    The lead singer of the Pakistani band Junoon on returning to India and his musical ambitions.

  • The Last Samurai
    The Last Samurai

    Watch this one, but do not go in expecting a Kurosawa

  • What They Want
    What They Want

    What do the zippies really want in life? What do they want their country to do for them? What do they want to...

  • Hard Rock Dhaba
    Hard Rock Dhaba

    A whole host of new young bands are giving the capital something of a headbanger's ball

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