October 23, 2020

Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

  • One Country, Many Voices
    One Country, Many Voices

    China’s orchestrated spectacles, from Olympics to anti-Japan protests, give illusion of unified worldview

  • The Come Back Kids
    The Come Back Kids

    Compared to James Cameron’s sudden return to the spotlight, Confucius’s latest comeback has occurred in...

  • Peking Soupbowl
    Peking Soupbowl

    The Olympics will overlay patriotism with cosmopolitanism, and illumine old Beijing

  • Books For The Beijing Bound
    Books For The Beijing Bound

    Getting in shape for the 2008 Games: a twelve-step plan of readings for those serious about preparing to...

  • Shanghai Revisited
    Shanghai Revisited

    Someone whose images of Shanghai were formed in the 1980s finds himself doing double takes on each successive...

  • A Mickey Mouse Approach to Globalization
    A Mickey Mouse Approach to Globalization

    From Buenos Aires to Berlin, people around the world are looking more and more American. But global icons can...

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