September 26, 2020

Jerry Pinto

  • Oedipus Backwards
    Oedipus Backwards

    Thin on patient detail and emotional heft, Pamuk’s hero rushes from scene to scene. Major questions are...

  • Customs Of The Country
    Customs Of The Country

    A father and a son fall out over the treatment of the cook; a sloth bear and its owner make another tale....

  • If On A Balmy Night A Novelist
    If On A Balmy Night A Novelist

    Amit Chaudhuri revisits Bombay, and collapses into a post-modern echo chamber, where authorship and memory...

  • Jerry Pinto
    Jerry Pinto

  • The Shaken Booty
    The Shaken Booty

    On women, sex, Bollywood’s hypocrisy knows no bars

  • A Bigger Yourself
    A Bigger Yourself

    Stars need not be actors. Actors play other people. Stars play themselves.

  • Best And Worst Of Movies
    Best And Worst Of Movies

    Omkara, Rang De Basanti pleased these savants. Since they mostly refrain from naming the duds, arrive at...

  • The Trouble With Being Reborn
    The Trouble With Being Reborn

    Oh, to return thus! As the papa of the nation.

  • Coup De KANK
    Coup De KANK

    'Hello and welcome, I am Karan Johar and this is the news at 9'

  • Out Of Film
    Out Of Film

    "Mumbai does not speak Hindi, so why did Bollywood begin here?" And why not in Delhi? I added to myself....

  • The Defanged Love Story
    The Defanged Love Story

    It may be a many-splendoured thing, but in Hindi cinema love is marred by a regressive streak

  • Muddula Oblongata
    Muddula Oblongata

    What happens when those little grey cells act up?

  • Preserve Of The Peshwas
    Preserve Of The Peshwas

    A thoughtful history reminds us that there's more to Pune than Shrewsbury biscuits

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