September 19, 2020
Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook

  • Eyeless In Gaza
    Eyeless In Gaza

    A single incident at the weekend – the 'kidnapped soldier' – illustrated in stark fashion the layers of...

  • The American Complicity
    The American Complicity

    Whatever its public statements, the US is assisting Israel not only in what President Barack Obama called its...

  • Cultures Of Hate
    Cultures Of Hate

    The horrifying events of the last week should serve as a lesson in the obscene futility of vengeance.

  • If Not Now, Then When?
    If Not Now, Then When?

    Today Israel chose to direct its deadly assault not only at Palestinians under occupation but at the...

  • Will Israel Bomb Iran?
    Will Israel Bomb Iran?

    At this potentially cataclysmic moment in global politics, it is good to see that one of the world's leading...

  • Will Robert Fisk Tell Us The Whole Story?
    Will Robert Fisk Tell Us The Whole Story?

    More than a little uncomfortably, I find myself with a bone to pick with one of our finest champions of...

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