April 21, 2021

Kanak Mani Dixit

  • Kathmandu Diary
    Kathmandu Diary

    What does India's interfence in domestic politics mean for Nepal? A lot, writes Kanak Mani Dixit

  • Himal Diary
    Himal Diary

    A magazine that challenged nationalist establishments could not hope to access the mass market.

  • Alarms For The Sirsastas
    Alarms For The Sirsastas

    It will be good if Nepal’s lazy, grasping politicians wake up

  • Shrouded In Haze
    Shrouded In Haze

    Under PM Modi’s government, with his relaxed attitude towards industry as well as increased consumption of...

  • Far, Far Away In India
    Far, Far Away In India

    From their safe distance, metropolis analysts can play either/or

  • The Gathering Hush
    The Gathering Hush

    Nepal's Maoists must forget the gun, remember free speech

  • Democrazy & Sons
    Democrazy & Sons

    Dynasties rule the world over but nowhere more than in South Asia

  • No Escape From Southasia
    No Escape From Southasia

    To achieve your big power status, shed regional paranoia

  • Nepal, The Rising
    Nepal, The Rising

    The editor of Himal penned this piece from prison: 'I want to be back on the streets, to be part of this...

  • Emulate The Indian Corrective
    Emulate The Indian Corrective

    Prominent Nepali citizens welcome the foreign secretary's clarifications as a "corrective to the error...

  • Spring Is Nigh In Nepal
    Spring Is Nigh In Nepal

    With universal disapproval, how long will Gyanendra's chairmanship last? Updates

  • Get Back On The Freeway
    Get Back On The Freeway

    The king left Nepal's people no recourse. Budge the door to democracy open. Updates

  • The Heart's Fifth Chamber
    The Heart's Fifth Chamber

    Nepal's experiment with anarchy and democracy holds a lesson for India—how autonomised regions of India...

  • Regicide And After
    Regicide And After

    Democracy in Nepal has survived but that would be of little use if the current political culture is not...

  • Punishing A Hindu Kingdom
    Punishing A Hindu Kingdom

    The Gujral Doctrine, symbolising magnanimity, is a hazy memory in Nepal now.

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