October 28, 2020
Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad

  • New Year Diary
    New Year Diary

    Vidya Balan turned up towards the end to claim credit, of course, but the truth is Indians watched the making...

  • Wrapped In A Map
    Wrapped In A Map

    Scratch an Indian hard—scratch yourself hard!—and you will find that it’s still a tiny oyster we...

  • Super Manoos
    Super Manoos

    The little boy who turned life upside down

  • New Year Diary
    New Year Diary

    Contest time: Now that Niira Radia’s ringtone has been cruelly outed, let's help her choose a new signature...

  • A Manifesto For Readers
    A Manifesto For Readers

    You, as a citizen, also have a responsibility that goes beyond paying for what you buy

  • New Year Diary
    New Year Diary

    You could argue that the triumph of the masala dosa offers a delicious metaphor for the calendar rolling by.

  • A Pontification
    A Pontification

  • Decent Enough?
    Decent Enough?

  • Babel Of Discontent
    Babel Of Discontent

  • Like Father, Like Son
    Like Father, Like Son

  • Cyber Rajas
    Cyber Rajas

  • Princely Mores
    Princely Mores

  • Boozers are Choosers
    Boozers are Choosers

  • The Ramayana Of Blushes
    The Ramayana Of Blushes

    A peppier version of the epic goes where Valmiki didn't-or couldn't

  • Grand Run-Get-Sinhji Slam
    Grand Run-Get-Sinhji Slam

    The deconstructing of an Indian prince and an English cricketer

  • Road To Perdition
    Road To Perdition

    And, as the ICC and the BCCI screen their version of Mujhse Dosti Karoge?, a few stray thoughts, a few...

  • Trapped, Leg Before Wishes
    Trapped, Leg Before Wishes

    It's a cruel indictment, but is Sachin weighed down by the burden of a billion hopes?

  • When The God Chokes, It Takes Ten To Tango
    When The God Chokes, It Takes Ten To Tango

    At the Oriental and Occidental homes of cricket, Sachin had a chance to stop INS India from sinking. Both...

  • Two Out Of Five
    Two Out Of Five

    India's Mr Nuclear is also an all-too-human Kalam Iyer

  • 'A Vegetarian, A South Indian, A Gentleman ...'
    'A Vegetarian, A South Indian, A Gentleman ...'

    And Yet A World-Class Fast Bowler ...Indeed, Srinath can justly claim to have smashed a fourth, even bigger...

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