October 27, 2020

K.S. Narayanan

  • Brinda Karat
    Brinda Karat

    The gender activist on the challenges facing the women's movement in India

  • "The File Could Not Be Kept Pending"
    "The File Could Not Be Kept Pending"

    Union Law Minister M. Thambidurai spoke to K.S. Narayanan. Excerpts from the interview:

  • Suhaib Ilyasi
    Suhaib Ilyasi

    The producer-director of ‘India’s Most Wanted’ on why he needs a security cover

  • Ashwini Kumar
    Ashwini Kumar

    India's man in the IOC says the charges of bribery against him are flimsy

  • Jasdev Singh
    Jasdev Singh

    The veteran sports commentator on why Doordarshan just can’t deliver

  • K.P.S.Gill

    The IHF president makes a difference between dropping and resting players

  • Paul France
    Paul France

    CNBC Asia's chief talks about the grit behind the glam, and future plans

  • Rich, Brash And Deadly
    Rich, Brash And Deadly

    Poor traffic enforcement, loopholes in the law encourage the bratpack to flout rules with impunity

  • Mark Byford
    Mark Byford

    The chief of BBC World Service spells out the role of radio in the new millennium

  • Alan De Lastic
    Alan De Lastic

    Delhi's Archbishop says the growing attacks on Christians violate Indian ethos

  • Guilty Until Proven Guilty
    Guilty Until Proven Guilty

    Lawyers say the Official Secrets Act is outdated and draconian

  • Pride At Stake
    Pride At Stake

    A horrific run-up to polls notwithstanding, a fighting BJP strains to hold off the Congress

  • "The Attack Is Only Natural"

    VHP all-India secretary, Baikunt Lal Sharma 'Prem', spoke to K.S. Nara -yanan on the VHP's stance towards...

  • To Catch A Thief On Telly
    To Catch A Thief On Telly

    A unique television crime show stumps outlaws on the run

  • Holier Than Thou
    Holier Than Thou

    The VHP plan to prop up a new set of Shankaracharyas sparks off angry protests from the seers

  • Failing The Litmus Test
    Failing The Litmus Test

  • Floods And The Fury
    Floods And The Fury

    A slew of man-made and environmental factors make this the deluge of the decade

  • Lethal Condiments
    Lethal Condiments

    Beware, you may be eating your way through a slow, but sure poisoning

  • In A Poison Slick
    In A Poison Slick

    Apathetic action by the authorities fans a dropsy epidemic

  • Anthony T. Lobo
    Anthony T. Lobo

    The Bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi on the plight of Christians in Pakistan

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