October 25, 2020

Lekha Rattanani

  • Alien To Democracy?
    Alien To Democracy?

    The EC's tough stand may finally force internal polls on the Sena

  • Raiding Sugar Daddy
    Raiding Sugar Daddy

    The Sena-BJP eats into the Congress stronghold—the sugar belt—in a frontal assault on Pawar

  • The Up Virus Spreads
    The Up Virus Spreads

    The Congress base is fast eroding in every state, thanks to a befuddled think-tank and feuds

  • A Spot Of Good Luck
    A Spot Of Good Luck

    Kathmandu emerges as a weekend jaunt as casinos lay it out

  • Touchable Votes
    Touchable Votes

    The Sena launches the Asmita yatra to woo Hindu Dalits

  • Treading On Thin Ice
    Treading On Thin Ice

    To survive, chief minister Parikh has too many people to please

  • No Brakes For Bullet Train?
    No Brakes For Bullet Train?

    A series of police encounter deaths attracts public dismay

  • Star Squattocrats
    Star Squattocrats

    In a sudden spurt of action, forest officials seize celeb farmhouses

  • Kesri's Handy Man
    Kesri's Handy Man

    Madhavrao Scindia clambers back to centrestage but he may not find it easy to unite the party

  • Changing Its Tune
    Changing Its Tune

    Enter new dramatis personae: could Nadeem be innocent?

  • The 15% Question
    The 15% Question

    A Muslim conclave demands a separate quota in legislatures

  • Partisan Noises
    Partisan Noises

    Chief Minister Manohar Joshi's deposition before the Srikrishna panel does little to repair the Sena's...

  • Employment Ruse
    Employment Ruse

    The government and the Sena announce parallel grand proposals

  • Killing Treadmills
    Killing Treadmills

    Once again, underworld guns get a Mumbai textile mill boss

  • Succour For The Old
    Succour For The Old

    The government moots a landmark bill, which says children must take care of their parents

  • Operation Cover-Up
    Operation Cover-Up

    How were the riots-related cases against Thackeray withdrawn? The files are revelatory.

  • So Who's Next?
    So Who's Next?

    The race hots up for the posts of president and vice-president

  • Politician-Builder-Gangster Nexus
    Politician-Builder-Gangster Nexus

    Shady real estate dealings become fodder for the Shiv Sena

  • Changing Colour
    Changing Colour

    More and more 'Congressmen' are joining the Joshi ministry

  • Sena's Bane
    Sena's Bane

    Raj Thackeray gets a CBI summons in the Kini case, even as the Bombay riots cases return to haunt the ruling...

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