March 05, 2021

Madhu Jain

  • 2014: Arts
    2014: Arts

    2014 has been a wonderful year for validating Indian contemporary art

  • A Non-Violent, Vegetarian Atheism
    A Non-Violent, Vegetarian Atheism

    A Punjabi Sethi speaks of her introduction to Jainism through marriage

  • Stardust Forever
    Stardust Forever

    A cast of icons leaves us to replay its golden hours in our lives

  • Dude Ascending A Stair
    Dude Ascending A Stair

    Vibrant, eclectic, democratic—the India Art Summit catches fire

  • The Calendar Of Art
    The Calendar Of Art

    Perhaps, a second volume is needed to do justice to this fascinating subject.

  • Swim In A Bubble
    Swim In A Bubble

    P3 doors have opened wider to allow the reapers of the new economy. And the media ensures it occupies our...

  • 'Twixt Ma And Religion
    'Twixt Ma And Religion

    With 200 colour and 60 black-and-white photographs, the book is a visual treat. One only wishes it was better...

  • Memoir In Memoir
    Memoir In Memoir

    The remarkable life of the sprightly actress from an elite Muslim family of Aligarh who briefly worked in...

  • Steamer Rides
    Steamer Rides

    A new promiscuousness swamps our screens as Bollywood goes on testosterone mode. A sign of our evolved times,...

  • Devika Rani To Ash: The Whole Shebang
    Devika Rani To Ash: The Whole Shebang

    Each decade of Indian cinema has thrown up its own notion of beauty—from the likeness of a goddess, the...

  • The Pink Period
    The Pink Period

    Artists never had it so good. Their works are fetching the highest prices, ever. But is there need for...

  • Shakti's Postcards...
    Shakti's Postcards...

    Pop diva Tina Turner takes a boatride down the Ganga. Madhu Jain chats her up.

  • Stirred, Not Shaken
    Stirred, Not Shaken

  • Maqbool

    Shakespeare has not got too lost in translation here

  • Line of Uncontrol
    Line of Uncontrol

    Embedded and almost hidden in discourse, often weighed down by quotes from eggheads of times past and...

  • Mother Courage
    Mother Courage

    Madonna rules, okay.... Mommies. They have other things to do. And they balance it.

  • A Potted Panorama
    A Potted Panorama

    A must-read for those interested in contemporary art as its Cinderellas—art from south India, sculpture,...

  • O, Marrakesh
    O, Marrakesh

  • Soukoo, Soukoo!
    Soukoo, Soukoo!

    Indian stars step out of the fringes to dazzle all at the international film fest in Morocco

  • Psychotramp

    I only wish she hadn't got carried away by Freudian psychoanalysis...

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