October 30, 2020

Madhu Jain

  • Psychotramp

    I only wish she hadn't got carried away by Freudian psychoanalysis...

  • Amar, Annie And...
    Amar, Annie And...

    No matter what was happening on the streets, the world of Amar Akbar Anthony inhabited the screen.

  • Kitsch And Tell
    Kitsch And Tell

    A visual feast with interesting info on the invention of lithography and the history of picture-printing...

  • Passage To India
    Passage To India

    There is life for a new breed of NIRs or non-Indian residents in the mess that is India

  • Eves Do It Too
    Eves Do It Too

    It's not just Adam for Madam. The Indian woman storms another male bastion as she seeks sex—and...

  • Just Muffin' n' Wafflin'
    Just Muffin' n' Wafflin'

    Madhu Jain dines Ismail Merchant

  • Aesthetics Of Deceit
    Aesthetics Of Deceit

    A skewed logic drives the Indian art mart—proliferating fakes determine an artist's stature

  • Parlour And Streets
    Parlour And Streets

    K.G. Subramanyan combines profundities with the banal

  • Bollywood High
    Bollywood High

    Refreshingly accessible as well as insightful take on the iconic moments in Hindi cinema.

  • Sense And Sensuality
    Sense And Sensuality

    When it comes to the erotic, Indian artists aren't fighting shy

  • Best Art Shows
    Best Art Shows

  • Trainspotting

    Five women and a journey into life's uncomfortable truths

  • A Rare Safinesse
    A Rare Safinesse

  • Down Town
    Down Town

    Lighting coup; A rare safinesse; Love etc; Savoy faire; Cards to curating and Herd this one b'fore?

  • AB, Sans the CL
    AB, Sans the CL

    A mellow appraisal of the Angry Young Man, the downsides bleeped out

  • Ask Panchali
    Ask Panchali

    No one man can satisfy a woman. Take Draupadi. Each of her five husbands possessed a distinct attribute.

  • Pinched Cheeks, Pert Noses
    Pinched Cheeks, Pert Noses

    Beauty, the business and the frenzied pursuit of the middle classes

  • A Mildly Epic Cruise
    A Mildly Epic Cruise

    Perhaps Captain Radice would have done better had he limited himself to scooping out his stories from the Bay...

  • The Name Is Chopra
    The Name Is Chopra

    Yash, silly, not Prem. The British author who teaches at the School of Oriental and African Studies on the...

  • Among The Cats
    Among The Cats

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