September 30, 2020

Manjira Majumdar

  • When Harry Met Kali
    When Harry Met Kali

    Harry's fluent in Bengali too. But pirates are running for cover

  • Daughters Of This Country
    Daughters Of This Country

    The individual acting skills of some of the best actresses of the country rescue the film somehow from its...

  • Peepin' Moms
    Peepin' Moms

    Edgy parents are increasingly hiring sleuths to track their kids' drug, sex and love life

  • Amaar Sonar Nyapcha
    Amaar Sonar Nyapcha

    Tollywood reaches for a new planet, with a Rs 1 crore sci-fi flick

  • Shubho Muhurat
    Shubho Muhurat

    A refreshing change in the arid world of Bengali cinema, particularly for a clash of histrionic skills...

  • Love In The Time Of Puja
    Love In The Time Of Puja

    How the magic of romance becomes synonymous with the magic of the celebrations under the benign eyes of Ma...

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