December 01, 2020

Mariana Baabar

  • In Elision Alley
    In Elision Alley

    Mortal fear aims to muzzle Pakistani scribes. Many are defiant.

  • Jackboot Prints
    Jackboot Prints

    A cornered Pakistan army can now be asked to loosen its hold

  • A Moveable Kingdom
    A Moveable Kingdom

    The ‘mansion life’ was a frugal one for Osama and extended family

  • The False Prophets
    The False Prophets

    History closes its doors on Osama bin Laden’s millenarian chapter, but pages full of question marks stare...

  • Autumnal Showers
    Autumnal Showers

    Jamil Ahmad, 78, ex-bureaucrat, chronicler of tribal Pakistan, shared a life with his novel

  • Lost In Trancenation
    Lost In Trancenation

    Black humour alleviates rage as Pakistan copes with heartbreak

  • No Country For Kafirs?
    No Country For Kafirs?

    Insecurity envelops Balochi Hindus after a series of abductions. Many are emigrating.

  • The Flickering Flame
    The Flickering Flame

    Pakistan’s liberals are fleeing the country in fear or being forced into silence

  • Munni’s Darlings Sell The Silver
    Munni’s Darlings Sell The Silver

    The leaks expose Pakistan’s double game, tarnishes leaders

  • Stuck In The Craw
    Stuck In The Craw

    Pakistanis are enraged by Obama’s nod for an India UNSC seat

  • Who’s The Visitor Next Door?
    Who’s The Visitor Next Door?

    In visiting India, Barack Obama will leave lots of Pakistanis feeling slighted. How is Islamabad coping?

  • Cracking Pillars
    Cracking Pillars

    The judiciary and executive join the mighty churn in Pakistan

  • It’s The Monofocals
    It’s The Monofocals

    Unprepared, indecisive, India changed the agenda, allege the Pakistanis

  • The Dosa Fidayeen
    The Dosa Fidayeen

    Go green. In red-blooded Pakistan, kafir vegetarian food is making inroads.

  • Anchor Cast Adrift
    Anchor Cast Adrift

    What’s behind the tapes of TV host Hamid Mir’s chat with a Taliban man?

  • Ill Stars And Sick Stripes
    Ill Stars And Sick Stripes

    American reprimands leave a dent on the ordinary Pakistani’s goodwill

  • Gunpowder Blot
    Gunpowder Blot

    New York’s lucky reprieve has yet again marked Pakistan as the bombers’ base

  • Held In Trust
    Held In Trust

    Pakistan’s diplomatic star is in the ascendant

  • The Pindi Manifesto
    The Pindi Manifesto

    The Pak army chief gets candid about India, and unresolved issues

  • Firing Squads
    Firing Squads

    Pakistan smarts under a cricketing slight

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