April 11, 2021

Mike Marqusee

  • The Midget Goliath
    The Midget Goliath

    The brash Twenty20 versus the diminishing aura of 50 overs

  • A Game Lost With The Flip Of A Coin
    A Game Lost With The Flip Of A Coin

    Cricket owes its crisis to a culture pock-marked with profit motive

  • The Games Nations Play
    The Games Nations Play

    Politics has always shadowed and left its impress on the Olympics

  • This Lovable Marquee
    This Lovable Marquee

    The '90s rancour is past. Cricket, the victim before, is now the tone-setter.

  • New York! New York!
    New York! New York!

    Unaware of global realities, the average New Yorker confronted the tragedy intellectually disarmed

  • Nasser's No Ball
    Nasser's No Ball

    The English captain's criticism of British Asian cricket fans has only exposed his ignorance to a way of life

  • Dwarfing the Don?
    Dwarfing the Don?

    Not quite global perhaps, nor the greatest, yet you measure a century against him

  • Prisoner At Home
    Prisoner At Home

    Sachin's genius belongs to a new global cricket, the globe needs to see more of it

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