January 18, 2021

Mitch Potter

  • No Tears, No Mercy
    No Tears, No Mercy

    The court's sentence no longer matters to Iraq. It has moved on.

  • And Iraq Chooses
    And Iraq Chooses

    Will the ballots of democracy really hold up against the bullets of insurgency? Outlook's primer on the...

  • That Muted Roar
    That Muted Roar

    Saddam's edited court appearance leaves Iraqis strangely dissatisfied

  • Holes In The Epoch
    Holes In The Epoch

    Catharsis, anger, embitterment and joy...Saddam's arrest leaves Iraqis in a midstream medley Updates

  • The True Lies
    The True Lies

    The Saving Private Lynch story moved many. Turns out it wasn't for real Updates

  • Never So Wrong
    Never So Wrong

    A Sunni massacre, restive Shi'ites—the US roadmap gets some grim reminders Updates

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