October 25, 2020

Mushirul Hasan

  • Jehad: On My Behalf?
    Jehad: On My Behalf?

    Islam, already stigmatised in the west, is again being equated with its aberrant expression.

  • Margins Of Ink
    Margins Of Ink

    A new collection of Ismat Chugtai's writings reveals her various moods.

  • India: Darning A Patchwork Dream
    India: Darning A Patchwork Dream

    The new nationalism comes into play only when India is at war with Pakistan. Otherwise, it lies dormant.

  • Helmsman Of History
    Helmsman Of History

    A canvas pregnant with ideas

  • Imaginary Homelands
    Imaginary Homelands

    Victims of the brinkmanship of the British, the Congress and Muslim League, the masses were neither committed...

  • Caste Is The Vote
    Caste Is The Vote

  • An Independent Agenda
    An Independent Agenda

    National perceptions have little impact on the caste alliances that determine Bihar's electorate

  • Understanding Islam Better
    Understanding Islam Better

    The issue is not Rushdie or Tagore or the merit of their creative writings, but to uphold, defend and...

  • Where Alliances Make History
    Where Alliances Make History

    Though weakened, the Hindutva wave has not demolished the caste, class-conflicts in Uttar Pradesh

  • Lost Causes, Faded Credo
    Lost Causes, Faded Credo

    Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s religious universalism and composite nationalism represented Jamia’s...

  • The Image Trap
    The Image Trap

    If centuries of shared experiences couldn't create solidarities, how could a specific 'Muslim'...

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