October 25, 2020

Nabanita Sircar

  • Labour Civil War
    Labour Civil War

    The Labour Party in its state of complete meltdown may just become the architect of a one-party nation where...

  • Talk To Her Nails In French
    Talk To Her Nails In French

    Priti Patel, Tory MP, ardent Brexiter, lies low after a win

  • Turbulence In The Tory Camp
    Turbulence In The Tory Camp

    The biggest shock of how treachery and machinations played out came with the shocking announcement by Michael...

  • Brexit Aftershock
    Brexit Aftershock

    It has brought to the fore the divisions within every political party that this festering issue has caused...

  • Shocked Nation Grapples With The Future
    Shocked Nation Grapples With The Future

    It was Prime Minister David Cameron's election manifesto commitment, but one that has become his undoing.

  • The Queue-Loving Brits
    The Queue-Loving Brits

    Tourists are often surprised by the display of discipline. And we definitely don’t always enjoy it.

  • Famous Five Grow Up
    Famous Five Grow Up

    A spoof series of four books called Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups will be published in November.

  • Biztro

    Business in bitesizes

  • Letter From London
    Letter From London

    "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins…." was the tag line that had made Calvin Klein a global brand but...

  • #London Rising High
    #London Rising High

    The new mayor is riding a wave of popular support

  • My Name Is Sadiq Khan, And I'm The Mayor Of London'
    My Name Is Sadiq Khan, And I'm The Mayor Of London'

    The story of how Khan has become the most powerful Muslim politician in Europe.

  • "I Am Confident That By 2019, We Will Be ­Saving $27 Billion Annually"

    Union power minister Piyush Goyal on how he is reviving the ailing power sector

  • "Challenges Of India Impediment To Investment"

    The bidder to acquire the remaining loss-making UK assets of Tata Steel explains his gameplan...

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    British prisons could soon see some strange sights like witches waving wands or others in ceremonial robes...

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    The Brits are not happy about a foreign leader trying to interfere in the country's internal issues

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    An exciting new collection of previously unseen photographs of the Beatles and Eric Clapton taken by Pattie...

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    In India, it's all about the World T-20 but in London, there's the IE20, or India Emerging Twenty, honouring...

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    Most of the top 10 newspaper advertisers in the UK have shrunk their budgets creating serious challenges for...

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    Britain’s largest student Labour org finds itself accused of anti-Semitism. But there's no nationwide...

  • "Histories Cannot End Up In Pentagon"

    Wikileaks founder Jullian Assange,confined in a foreign embassy in London, on his past actions and what it...

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