April 16, 2021

Najam Sethi

  • Jinnah Unbottled? Not Yet.
    Jinnah Unbottled? Not Yet.

    Wolpert recycled, with little that's not already been said about the man

  • Few Options For Pakistan
    Few Options For Pakistan

    Pakistan has tried to cobble and prop up governments in Kabul four times since 1988, but has failed always.

  • Blunt Talk And After
    Blunt Talk And After

    'Pakistan needs to put stability before taking on the world. If his visit bolsters this view, I'm glad...

  • Justice In Jackboots
    Justice In Jackboots

    Despite its sincerity, the junta might lack the vision and integrity needed to take Pakistan into the next...

  • The Truth Will Out
    The Truth Will Out

    My sin was that The Friday Times has never minced words, and Sharif can't stomach criticism.

  • A Thief To Catch A Thief
    A Thief To Catch A Thief

    Benazir is not the victim of a witch-hunt; she is guilty as hell. But what we have now is just...

  • Warning: Bumps Ahead
    Warning: Bumps Ahead

    Symbolism is all fine. But the Lahore Declaration could define history only via an history stance.

  • The Pen Is Mightier...
    The Pen Is Mightier...

    Pakistan's press is certainly freer than before though it labours under the shadow of the government.

  • Still Running In Place
    Still Running In Place

    While peace is still a long way off, it would be tragic if Pakistan and India were forced to start the...

  • Sharif's Fiefdom On Fire
    Sharif's Fiefdom On Fire

    The most worrying part for Sharif is that, by playing her "Sindh card" at a huge anti-Punjab rally,...

  • Delusions Of Grandeur
    Delusions Of Grandeur

    The imposition of Emergency by Sharif smacks of dangerous political opportunism. Sharif may see this as a...

  • The Road Not Taken
    The Road Not Taken

    The road ahead for Pakistan is a forked one

  • Heil Democracy!
    Heil Democracy!

    Sharif's coup was a sad day for democratic institutions, says one of Pakistan's leading editors

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