September 25, 2020

Najid Hussain

  • What About The Truth?
    What About The Truth?

    Mr Modi can greatly benefit from the film A Few Good Men in which Colonel Nathan Jessep, played by Jack...

  • The Higher Moral Ground
    The Higher Moral Ground

    The legacy and the lesson NDA leaves is that there is no need for bringing morality in politics. It does not...

  • 'Only Shows His Culpability'
    'Only Shows His Culpability'

    Joining issue with the Gujarat Chief Minister's missive, an open letter in response to the President APJ...

  • An Open Letter To Shri L.K. Advani
    An Open Letter To Shri L.K. Advani

    In the aftermath of the Gujarat carnage, you have often said that Gujarat will remain a blot on the BJP...

  • Unholy Jehad
    Unholy Jehad

    The very concept of Jehad has been hijacked outside India. It is high time Indian Muslims showed the way...

  • The Islamic World
    The Islamic World

    Taken at its face value, the Quran does ask for killing infidels; the Quran does ask for subjugating women;...

  • Holey Religions
    Holey Religions

    Deficiencies, of which there are many, are not limited only to Islam, but exist in every religion, including...

  • Social Anesthesia
    Social Anesthesia

    Have we become immune to the gory violence reported almost daily? Why could we not feel the pain of what...

  • Gujarat: The Way Forward
    Gujarat: The Way Forward

    "When revenge crosses all limits, it transforms itself into regret; when anger is given a full play, it...

  • Kalam And Islam
    Kalam And Islam

    Does Kalam's Islamic liberalism, or following Hindu traditions make him less of a Muslim? Or is it Sangh...

  • 'We Need To Stop This Madness'
    'We Need To Stop This Madness'

    Full text of the unedited testimony on Gujarat Violence to the US Commission on International Religious...

  • The Race Of Fanaticism
    The Race Of Fanaticism

    VHP targeted and killed my father-in-law, the former M.P. Ahsan Jafri, but our family does not blame the...

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