February 26, 2021

Neerja Pahwa Jetley

  • Well, The Name's Bond
    Well, The Name's Bond

    Resurgent India Bonds spell gains for the NRIs and the government, but what of the economy?

  • More Than Just Mothers
    More Than Just Mothers

    Manager, mediator, mateā€”an O&M study reveals more sides to the Indian woman

  • An Eye For An Eye
    An Eye For An Eye

    CibaVision's 'new' product provokes competitor Bausch & Lomb

  • Let's Get Personal
    Let's Get Personal

    Companies bow to the dictates of the new-age consumer and the competitive market and switch to one-to-one...

  • To Catch A Falling Market
    To Catch A Falling Market

    Allowing share buybacks may help revive the Indian market. But guidelines are necessary to ensure corporate...

  • No Such Thing As Middle Path
    No Such Thing As Middle Path

    The middle class feels the pinch as branded foodstuff and electronic items become more expensive

  • Now, Gun- Toting Bargains
    Now, Gun- Toting Bargains

    The government fights back at the sanctions by approving a slew of foreign investment proposals

  • Ad Infinitum? No More
    Ad Infinitum? No More

    The industry is hit hard as consumer good prices actually fall and consumers delay purchases

  • Small Town Big Money
    Small Town Big Money

    Marketers shift their focus from metros to cash in on the consumerist rampage

  • Baby And The Bathwater
    Baby And The Bathwater

    The advocates of swadeshi are partly right. But they are missing the real issue: the economy.

  • The Urge To Merge
    The Urge To Merge

    Big is beautiful, companies are cheap, the hype is deafening, but is India ready for a wave of takeovers?

  • About Unfair Leverages
    About Unfair Leverages

    Did India's most admired company, Lever, cheat the public through insider trading?

  • More News Is Bad News
    More News Is Bad News

    Elections '98 are a temporary high; news channels aren't attracting the advertising they hoped for

  • More Certainly Isn't Merrier
    More Certainly Isn't Merrier

    As India heads for yet another coalition, industry leaders are worried for its in-built chaos mechanism could...

  • A Polished Boot
    A Polished Boot

    The End comes in different ways: over dinner, over the fax or just a note

  • Selling Reforms, Not Guilt
    Selling Reforms, Not Guilt

    The Congress is no longer on the defensive about the reforms and says it sticks by what it started

  • Just A 10-Yr Hitch
    Just A 10-Yr Hitch

    Jairam Ramesh is back in the big league. In an all-new role.

  • Spoonfuls Of Plastic
    Spoonfuls Of Plastic

    Studying in college? No problem, you can still get a Citibank card.

  • Who'll Bell The Rats?
    Who'll Bell The Rats?

    Backroom lobbying kills a Rs 650-crore project, for lenders won't dial again after some time

  • Calcutta Bound
    Calcutta Bound

    Three major dailies make a beeline for Calcutta but is it viable?

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