October 27, 2020

Omair Ahmad

  • 1960: China
    1960: China

    ...issue slowly overwhelmed everything else

  • Young And Restless
    Young And Restless

    Was the past another country? Or were the portents of India 2008 already visible when the country turned 13,...

  • White Nights
    White Nights

    Latest proof of our love for a lighter pelt

  • Wired To Hope
    Wired To Hope

    Entrepreneurs have brought opportunity to the Valley. There's no talk of leaving.

  • Silver-Plated Feast
    Silver-Plated Feast

    Pitched as chef Hemant Oberoi's reinvention of Indian fine dining, with classic dishes presented in a stylish...

  • A Zest For Zeytoons
    A Zest For Zeytoons

    Israel-assisted olive plantations could change Rajasthan's desert landscape

  • Bronze Age Booming
    Bronze Age Booming

    Across a fractious India, identity battles are being waged figuratively. Statues are at war.

  • Bicycle Diaries
    Bicycle Diaries

    To cycle in the national capital is to live life on the edge

  • Geeta Rao Gupta
    Geeta Rao Gupta

    The president of the International Center for Research on Women and a renowned expert on AIDS was in Delhi...

  • Rotting Olives
    Rotting Olives

    Corrupt Indian peacekeepers in the Congo are marring a legacy

  • Feisal Alkazi
    Feisal Alkazi

    The theatre director is back in the limelight with After Dark, the last of his trilogy on Delhi

  • Zenana Republic
    Zenana Republic

    More Muslim women protest against biases in the south. Literacy, global pulls aid them.

  • Terracotta Warriors Vs The Flame-Throwers
    Terracotta Warriors Vs The Flame-Throwers

    The Olympic spirit, where was it? At paranoid, clampdown Rajpath or on the street with Tibet?

  • Satish Gujral
    Satish Gujral

    The acclaimed artist on his recent exhibition, Metamorphosis at the Lalit Kala Akademi

  • A Sortie Back Into Year 1943
    A Sortie Back Into Year 1943

    As wreckages of Allied planes on WW-II missions surface in Arunachal, America comes looking for its lost...

  • Those Unshod Hooves
    Those Unshod Hooves

    Husain too has been in flight. Why does no one speak up for his basic freedoms?

  • Once Upon A Fable
    Once Upon A Fable

    Pop history gets piping hot as Jodhaa Akbar stirs up a queen-sized row

  • Saeed Mirza
    Saeed Mirza

    Celebrated filmmaker on his debut novel Ammi—Letter to a Democratic Mother

  • Gung Ho
    Gung Ho

    The secret of the three-floored Gung-The Palace's success is the owner's mother, who keeps a strict watch...

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