October 28, 2020

Oswald Pereira

  • Nuke Flop
    Nuke Flop

    And other answers? They are still blowin' in the wind...

  • Holes In The Bucket
    Holes In The Bucket

  • Darkness Visible
    Darkness Visible

    If things don't change, in another three years, the metros can expect 8 to 10 hours of power cuts daily.

  • The Chips Are Not Down
    The Chips Are Not Down

    So much for political instability. Intel Corp intends to go right ahead with its elaborate plans for India.

  • 01.01.00

    Banks and financial institutions are sitting on a software time bomb

  • Future Shock?
    Future Shock?

    The post-poll economic scenario remains largely unpredictable

  • "Prohibition Has Always Encouraged Bootlegging"

    Vijay Mallya, chairman UB Group, is disappointed and angry at the recent initiatives by various state...

  • Getting High On Rhetoric
    Getting High On Rhetoric

    Political moves to make prohibition a poll issue may have economic ramifications for state exchequers

  • "Why Raise This Bogey?"

    Union Commerce Minister P. Chidambaram believes that the country's post-reforms experi -ence with TNCs has...

  • The Ghost Of The Bombay Club
    The Ghost Of The Bombay Club

    The CII's swadeshi bogey was no doubt aimed at placating and pressuring political parties on election eve....

  • Don't Touch That Cash
    Don't Touch That Cash

    The Press Council attempts to cleanse financial journalism of all the slush with a new code of ethics

  • Insatiable Thirst
    Insatiable Thirst

    Power, telecom, roads: there's no money to finance projects

  • Ripe For The Picking
    Ripe For The Picking

    Asia forms the core of Apple Computer Inc's new plans

  • Mixed Signals
    Mixed Signals

    While the Supreme Court ruling brings cheer to the Communications Ministry, industry is not so sure

  • Lacking In Hard Drive
    Lacking In Hard Drive

    When its Asian neighbours go up the fast lane, why does India stay glued to the starting blocks?

  • Fresh Battle Grounds
    Fresh Battle Grounds

    Ambush marketing and guerrilla assaults mark the Coke-Pepsi cola war over the World Cup

  • It's In The Packaging
    It's In The Packaging

    Indian infotech firms are targetting the packaged products market, where the megabucks lie

  • The Same Difference
    The Same Difference

    The BJP-Sena alliance seems to have conceded even more to Enron than the original deal

  • Building Castles In The Air
    Building Castles In The Air

    The Government's grand export strategy may be all sound and fury signifying little

  • Blind Ambition
    Blind Ambition

    Is Reliance guilty? It does not matter. This is the biggest battle it has ever faced. And it may have lost...

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