April 22, 2021

Paul Danahar

  • A Desert Fox In Tripoli
    A Desert Fox In Tripoli

    Bluster framed with cunning, Col Gaddafi is not Reagan's 'mad dog'

  • Khamsin An Arabian Folktale
    Khamsin An Arabian Folktale

    They filled Cairo’s streets, change is in the air. What will a cornered Mubarak do?

  • Pyongyang Diary
    Pyongyang Diary

    Each night I sent an e-mail to my wife that began with the words. “As I type, I have two ladies standing at...

  • No Noahs In Irrawaddy
    No Noahs In Irrawaddy

    The junta compounds the horrors brought on by the cyclone

  • Back-Breakingly Dull Affair
    Back-Breakingly Dull Affair

    China wants to make gloves, not war. It means business, nothing more.

  • Snake In Monkey's Shadow
    Snake In Monkey's Shadow

    Aah... the race of this century. China's breathless, maniacal, cocky pursuit of greatness. Versus our mix of...

  • Best And Worst Of TV
    Best And Worst Of TV

    From lauding Barkha Dutt's partisanship to frowning at dumbed-down news, our couch-bound jury picks what...

  • On Dubya, Don 
And Condylitis
    On Dubya, Don And Condylitis

    White House thinks this book should be on the fiction list—an amazing turnaround for a former insider

  • 'And Sir, Who Might You Be?'
    'And Sir, Who Might You Be?'

    The dumbing down of TV begins early—with the first-time reporters

  • Charlie's Guns Are Still Smokin'
    Charlie's Guns Are Still Smokin'

    The Taliban regroup, a war comes full circle for the US. It can't lose focus.

  • Colour Of Xenophobia
    Colour Of Xenophobia

    Indian media can beam its tragedies starkly. We become racists if we do the same.

  • Dudes And The Dog
    Dudes And The Dog

  • Rent A Telescope?
    Rent A Telescope?

    Jha mars a genuine attempt at analysis with second-hand, word-of-web conspiracies.

  • Long John Shiver
    Long John Shiver

  • Idol Breakers
    Idol Breakers

    Iraqis accept the inevitable, that America has 'liberated' them from Saddam. Now they want to be left alone.

  • ...Night Of The Pawns
    ...Night Of The Pawns

    As events clangour towards a denouement, all Iraqis feel is impotent rage

  • Smog Of War
    Smog Of War

    Amid footloose missiles and emphatic denials, the US may have lost too much in the battle for Iraqi minds

  • Babylon Burns
    Babylon Burns

    Iraqis feel again the despair of being in someone else's war. Or is it just a multi-million-dollar...

  • Ashen Sands
    Ashen Sands

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