April 11, 2021

Prarthna Gahilote

  • A Rerun Is Organised
    A Rerun Is Organised

    Streetcraft gets Ashok Chavan a second round

  • A Matter Of Orientation
    A Matter Of Orientation

    The Sangh parivar is not convinced that Smriti knows their education roadmap well

  • Joblessness In The RSS
    Joblessness In The RSS

    "Demoralised and confused," is how a senior pracharak described the popular sentiment in the cadre.

  • 'Master' Up In The Sky
    'Master' Up In The Sky

    A tribute to senior journalist Diptosh Majumdar, who died recently.

  • No Powder Burns
    No Powder Burns

    The BJP patches up with the Badals with an eye on Sikh votes in Delhi

  • Dr Najma Heptulla, 74
    Dr Najma Heptulla, 74

    Minority affairs minister 2.5/10

  • Moscow Diary
    Moscow Diary

    Moscow, every step of your way, is straight out of a fairy tale—even if you restrict yourself to Red...

  • The Pracharak Is Going Places
    The Pracharak Is Going Places

    Be it arranging NRI hurrahs or a smooth BJP-Sangh interface, the PM’s go-to man is the RSS’s Ram Madhav....

  • Modifying Nehru
    Modifying Nehru

    After Patel and Gandhi, the BJP moves in to appropriate glue the that holds the Congress party: Nehru and...

  • Where Is My Clutch?
    Where Is My Clutch?

    Nitin Gadkari’s mis-steps aside, he’s still the go-to interface for Modi and the RSS

  • Mission 272
    Mission 272

    How the mobile phone, through SMSs, Twitter, WhatsApp and other applications, was the most important tool to...

  • Solo Concerto
    Solo Concerto

    Buzz of cabinet expansion after Oct 19

  • Gujarati Asmita Vs Marathi Manoos
    Gujarati Asmita Vs Marathi Manoos

    The regional parties aren’t about to let Modi make off with Mumbai to Gujarat

  • Game Of Thrones, Kingsroad
    Game Of Thrones, Kingsroad

    Deja vu as Modi gets the BJP juggernaut rolling. The disarray in rival camps may help him.

  • ‘The Whole Genesis Of The NCP Was For Public Office’
    ‘The Whole Genesis Of The NCP Was For Public Office’

    The former Maharashtra CM on the break-up of the alliance and the prospects of his party in the forthcoming...

  • Too Many Peshwas
    Too Many Peshwas

    Seat wrangles put the long-time Sena-BJP alliance on the brink

  • Yogi To The Marketeer
    Yogi To The Marketeer

    Modinomics is on a collision course with the RSS’s economic beliefs

  • I, Pradhan Sevak
    I, Pradhan Sevak

    After purging the trinity, Modi now looks at absolute party control

  • The Tumble Down ‘G’
    The Tumble Down ‘G’

    His arrogance and open defiance of Modi during the campaign costs Varun dearly

  • Swallow Holes
    Swallow Holes

    A smart city in fallow marshland? Dholera may sink in the mud.

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