December 01, 2020
Rajinder Puri

Rajinder Puri

  • Will This Poll Change India?
    Will This Poll Change India?

    Making poll forecasts is a hazardous exercise best left to psephologists. Speculating on post-poll politics...

  • Who Will Become PM?
    Who Will Become PM?

    This is for all you dummies who will perform your duty as conscientious citizens and vote. For whom will you...

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    Transparency is the very foundation of justice. Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done.

  • Think The Unthinkable
    Think The Unthinkable

    The current election scene is a mess. The Third Front looks like a non-starter. The BJP's chief election...

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    In which ISI chief figures out a foolproof method of blocking the Taliban. But he needs Indian expertise and...

  • Pakistan's Last Chance?
    Pakistan's Last Chance?

    Gilani and Sharif are cooperating. General Kayani is apparently backing Prime Minister Gilani. Zardari could...

  • Should You Vote?
    Should You Vote?

    And become complicit in a process that perpetuates this corrupt, criminal and cruel system? Now, if only...

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    Shouldn't the government appoint a high-powered special investigative team to probe the missing children? Or...

  • Reappraising Pakistan
    Reappraising Pakistan

    For two decades this scribe has been hammering away at one point: the need to convert SAARC into a full...

  • Belated Wisdom
    Belated Wisdom

    Last week Mr LK Advani suddenly popped the idea that the Prime Minister should be a member of only the Lok...

  • It Isn't About Cricket
    It Isn't About Cricket

    This is war. Armies effectively fight wars under unified command. Lahore has sent all South Asia a message....

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    The crisis is not economic. Therefore, fiscal policies to protect globalisation won't suffice. The crisis is...

  • Can Pakistan Divide Taliban?
    Can Pakistan Divide Taliban?

    There are indications that there is potential rift between Pashtuns fighting for self-rule and Al Qaeda led...

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    Finally the CPI(M) stands exposed. Thanks to Comrade Karat, the last fig leaf covering the party's corruption...

  • Another Tryst With Destiny
    Another Tryst With Destiny

    Will Swat restructure the sub-continent? Will it have a domino effect on the entire region to create a South...

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    Do politicians in the name of patriotism or 'cultural purity' have the right to impose their values on the...

  • The Lost Battle
    The Lost Battle

    Why was the arrest and release on bail of The Statesman editor and publisher largely ignored by media? The...

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    Obama may or not achieve his goals, but India should pursue its own agenda -- hopefully with America, and if...

  • Obama's Litmus Test
    Obama's Litmus Test

    Dr AQ Khan's release requires decisive action no matter whose feelings get hurt in Beijing or in Islamabad....

  • Bull's Eye
    Bull's Eye

    If Pakistan seeks survival with its present borders intact, it must confederate with Afghanistan.

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