September 19, 2020
Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

  • The Future Looks Bright
    The Future Looks Bright

    The feminists taught us about consciousness-raising. I used to laugh at 'him or her', and at 'chairperson',...

  • Bin Laden's Victory
    Bin Laden's Victory

    Saddam Hussein has been a catastrophe for Iraq, but he never posed a threat outside his immediate...

  • Cowboy Bush's War
    Cowboy Bush's War

    Those of us opposed to the war are sometimes accused of anti-Americanism. I am vigorously pro-American, which...

  • The Genetic Meme
    The Genetic Meme

    Charles Darwin's theory of human evolution was published long before knowledge of genes was available. But an...

  • Doubting Thomases
    Doubting Thomases

    Unlike religious faith, scientific belief rests on evidence and logic

  • The Information Challenge
    The Information Challenge

    We are digital archives of the African Pliocene, even of Devonian seas; walking repositories of wisdom out...

  • What's Wrong With Cloning?
    What's Wrong With Cloning?

    Is it so obviously repugnant that we shouldn't even think about it? Mightn't even you, in your heart of...

  • Religion's Misguided Missiles
    Religion's Misguided Missiles

    To fill a world with religion, or religions of the Abrahamic kind, is like littering the streets with loaded...

  • Lament For Douglas
    Lament For Douglas

    This is not an obituary, there'll be time enough for them. It is not a tribute, not a considered assessment...

  • Eulogy For Douglas Adams
    Eulogy For Douglas Adams

    Church of Saint Martin in the Fields, London, 17th September 2001

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