October 27, 2020
S. Anand

S. Anand

  • Dravida Kurukshetra
    Dravida Kurukshetra

    The clash within the Karunanidhi clan threatens to upset many political equations in Tamil Nadu Updates

  • Kalaignar's Craft
    Kalaignar's Craft

    Karunanidhi finishes 50 years in politics. Who after him? Updates

  • Puppet On A Caste Chain
    Puppet On A Caste Chain

    "The vice-president and clerk oppose everything I suggest. When I complained to the BDO, he asked me to not...

  • Vanishing Acres
    Vanishing Acres

    It's free land for the poor. Only, there isn't enough promised land.

  • Muthuvel's Miracle
    Muthuvel's Miracle

    Sai Baba pays Karunanidhi a visit. The atheist's rationality melts.

  • Pongal Goodies
    Pongal Goodies

    Now, free LPG—it's populism on high flame

  • Chetti, Chetti Bang Bang
    Chetti, Chetti Bang Bang

    Chettinad's subtle melange of spices is like the maritime logbook of a trading people

  • The Druids Of A Lost Tribe
    The Druids Of A Lost Tribe

    The Georges, Sittlingi

  • Bombay Jayashri
    Bombay Jayashri

    On Voices Within, the book she and fellow vocal artiste T.M. Krishna have brought out as a tribute to the...

  • Rotgut Blues
    Rotgut Blues

    The state's control deprives Chennai of quality liquor

  • Caste In Pebbles
    Caste In Pebbles

    Bama has material no feted, overrated Indian English author will ever be able to imagine. Yet, it's frittered...

  • Allies Well, All's Well
    Allies Well, All's Well

    DMK and friends sweep the local body polls as Amma implodes

  • Voda Voda: Watered Down Plans
    Voda Voda: Watered Down Plans

    The supply of uranium has been assured by Russia, but NPCIL's plans for massive water-dependent reactors off...

  • Fusing Phule And Ambedkar
    Fusing Phule And Ambedkar

    Kanshi Ram redefined and expanded the scope of parliamentary democracy in India by successfully fusing...

  • Cottage Units, Here's The Bonus
    Cottage Units, Here's The Bonus

    Down south, Naxalism boosts small-scale industry—on a quid pro quo basis

  • So Surges The Kaveri
    So Surges The Kaveri

    Carnatic music is vibrant, evolving. Enough young listeners tune in to the new maestros.

  • Courtesy, The Bindhu
    Courtesy, The Bindhu

    Srividya has produced one of the finest fictional critiques of caste society.

  • We, The Staple
    We, The Staple

    90 lakh free TVs. The DMK turns entertainer, Tamilians tune in.

  • Vettaiyadu Vilayadu
    Vettaiyadu Vilayadu

    Indian cinema does not indulge subtlety. With our penchant for drama, we may never see taut police...

  • Now, The 'T' Certificate
    Now, The 'T' Certificate

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