April 22, 2021

Saeed Naqvi

  • The Poila Defence
    The Poila Defence

    Bangladesh won’t give up its hard-won fight against intolerance

  • The Takeoff Point
    The Takeoff Point

    He was a refugee with no memory of the Punjab and no experience of the grime of old Lucknow.

  • Nelson’s Friends
    Nelson’s Friends

    It was a world-historical moment. The only way to breach the iron curtain back in 1990, during Mandela’s...

  • Tripoli Diary
    Tripoli Diary

    At a summit at Sharm el-Sheikh, Prince Abdullah (now King of Saudi Arabia) screamed across the table,...

  • A Puzzling Syrian Spring
    A Puzzling Syrian Spring

    Making sense of the W. Asian fragment in the light of offshore oil

  • Cairo Diary
    Cairo Diary

    It is pointless to resist participating in one gigantic bash, which is what Egypt is these days. The party...

  • Bile In The Billets-Doux
    Bile In The Billets-Doux

    Atiya Begum, aristocratic, cosmopolitan and educated, meant the world to a miserable Mohammed Iqbal

  • How Fire Works
    How Fire Works

    There is a great deal of “inside” information to make this essential reading for those trying to make...

  • The Mahdi On His Steed
    The Mahdi On His Steed

    A search for the Semitic binary of good and evil, messianic longing, and its uses in modern conflict

  • Mazar-E-Sharif Diary
    Mazar-E-Sharif Diary

    “You are our brothers: after all, Babar was our king, he was also your king.” She had no idea about the...

  • Bollywood Diary
    Bollywood Diary

    Naseeruddin Shah on the one actor he looks up to: “Shammi Kapoor! Yes, Shammi saab, such fun; I grew up...

  • Kashmir Diary
    Kashmir Diary

    Srinagar is particularly popular because it is a hub of several beautiful destinations. In total defiance of...

  • Moscow Diary
    Moscow Diary

    Try talking about “Stalin’s follies” today! Your tourist guide will snap back, as she did with me:...

  • Looking Into The Abyss
    Looking Into The Abyss

    The blood-feud between India, Pakistan presides over the chasm between them. These essays flesh it out.

  • Paradise Spied
    Paradise Spied

    Sadia Dehlvi has, by her own admission, quoted Annemarie Schimmel extensively in her book. She also quotes...

  • Message In A Chambered Lebanese Bottle
    Message In A Chambered Lebanese Bottle

    "Exit polls often go wrong," I said. "In fact, I have a magic machine that produces equally reliable...

  • Land Of The Glorious
    Land Of The Glorious

  • Scotch The Soda
    Scotch The Soda

  • Counterhistory

  • Gypsy Trails
    Gypsy Trails

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