October 30, 2020

Sagarika Ghose

  • Rites of Duality
    Rites of Duality

    There are two Kumbhs, one seen and the other unseen: The first is brought to you by the media. The other is...

  • At Home On Foreign Affairs
    At Home On Foreign Affairs

    Cultured, soft-spoken, unassuming and trend-setting. That's India's first woman foreign secretary designate,...

  • Kuchipudi : Fall From Grace
    Kuchipudi : Fall From Grace

    "We have nothing to do with the dance. We want a bus stop."

  • The Earthy Pundit
    The Earthy Pundit

    His search for a caring Hindu god resulted in rejection. Now Kancha Ilaiah wants his revenge.

  • Good Ol' Days
    Good Ol' Days

  • The Triumph Of Ephemera
    The Triumph Of Ephemera

    For the Freedom Generation, hope gives way to anguish

  • Who Shut The Door?
    Who Shut The Door?

    A new utility-driven approach is killing liberal arts institutes

  • Quixotic Queries
    Quixotic Queries

  • Oriental Reversal
    Oriental Reversal

    A Rajput prince's diary on the Raj will see the light of the day, thanks to Llyod I. Rudolph and wife Susanne...

  • A Prayer For The Dying
    A Prayer For The Dying

    A country at war with itself regurgitates its skeletons - both actual and invisible

  • When Beauty Hurts
    When Beauty Hurts

    Is our overexcited response to Lara's win fodder for the ambitions of MNCs?

  • A Touch Of Cant
    A Touch Of Cant

    Hypocrisy. That’s what Dalits term MEA’s response to the French calling the President untouchable.

  • Medium And The Massage
    Medium And The Massage

    The love-hate relationship between the media and the celebrities

  • Celebrity Times
    Celebrity Times

    Barbie Q and Glam Shampagne Wannabe socialites, a gushing media rule this bubbledom. It’s the new opium...

  • In Sweat And Chains
    In Sweat And Chains

    The other side of laissez-faire

  • Court Of The Flower Child
    Court Of The Flower Child

    In a ravaged state, he’s the royal figure. Heir to a legacy, Naveen Patnaik is learning the craft.

  • A History Of Quarrels
    A History Of Quarrels

    The future of History lies in a divorce from the politics of the day-left, right or centre

  • This Is No Water Under The Bridge
    This Is No Water Under The Bridge

    What its detractors purport as truths about ‘Water’ are seen as distortions by its scriptwriter

  • Cliche Merchant
    Cliche Merchant

  • Fire On The Water
    Fire On The Water

    Varanasi’s ‘sanskriti warriors’ fail to see the liberating spirit that Deepa Mehta insists...

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