May 11, 2021

Sakshi Virmani

  • Eyes On The Gnats
    Eyes On The Gnats

    Citizens from the border towns who lived through the 1965 war recount their experiences.

  • Mall’s Badshahi Kitchen
    Mall’s Badshahi Kitchen

    The flavours of Jhinga Malvani, a sweetish concoction of pra­wns nestling in coconut milk, flavoured with...

  • New Sticks In A Cart
    New Sticks In A Cart

    Premium ice-creams offer enticing bites

  • Fifty One Shades
    Fifty One Shades

    Lace and satin lingerie for men? To each his own.

  • Playing Naturally
    Playing Naturally

    A fallacious link between sex toys and Sec. 377

  • Halal Lipstick, Anyone?
    Halal Lipstick, Anyone?

    Halal cosmetics arrive as idea and product

  • Jairam Ramesh
    Jairam Ramesh

    The former Union environment minister on his book Green Signals: Ecology, Growth and Democracy in India

  • Dabbalicious

    The humble tiffin has gone gourmet, shell out and eat in

  • Laaton Ke Boots
    Laaton Ke Boots

    Winter’s when they come out—hideous or haute

  • The Right Sentence
    The Right Sentence

    Come together, reader. Book clubs are bringing like-minded fans of great lines together.

  • Childhood, Interrupted...
    Childhood, Interrupted...

    The age of puberty in young urban Indian girls has gone down. Blame it on prosperity.

  • Tarang Arora
    Tarang Arora

    The jewellery designer, from jewellery brand Amrapali, on his passion and the need to preserve the Indian...

  • Latte At Sheroes
    Latte At Sheroes

    A cafe lends agency to acid-attack victims

  • Just Ask For Monsieur Croque
    Just Ask For Monsieur Croque

    The shop’s furniture and food is in tune with its aesthetic synthesis, beckoning all to a different realm.

  • Pallavi Singh
    Pallavi Singh

    The 23-year-old psychology student teaches Hindi to foreigners

  • Swear By Ganesha’s Head...
    Swear By Ganesha’s Head...

    We ask a cross-section of people about the prime minister’s claims, which seem to be straight out of one of...

  • Subburaj, 42
    Subburaj, 42

    Driver Subburaj can’t do without his daily dose of music...and Facebook

  •  Kanika Kamra 24
    Kanika Kamra 24

    The fashion designer is a camera apps expert and Dictionary addict

  • Rohini Singh, 46
    Rohini Singh, 46

    A lover of dramatic landscapes and quiet sunsets, this furniture exporter is all business over the phone

  • Apsara Iyenger, 26
    Apsara Iyenger, 26

    The theatre artiste’s phone doubles up as her publicity manager

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