September 23, 2020

Shoaib Akhtar

  • Dhoni For Pillion
    Dhoni For Pillion

    My beamers and sledging are splashed about. But I'm real pals with most Indians.

  • Easy On The Goose
    Easy On The Goose

    Relentless cricket has forced many players to sit out. Also, the passions may wane.

  • Karachi Firing Squad
    Karachi Firing Squad

    We bent our backs, and won. Is there a law against bending your back beyond 15°?

  • Flat On The Mat
    Flat On The Mat

    The dead pitches should not suggest that Pakistan is wary. And Sachin was out.

  • Give Pace A Chance
    Give Pace A Chance

    We toiled away, our teeth drawn out in Lahore. Inshallah, Faisalabad will be better.

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