October 31, 2020

Shobita Dhar

  • Slingin' Gins
    Slingin' Gins

    So where's that next drink coming from? Well, at home actually. Designer home bars are the new must-have...

  • Laced Border
    Laced Border

    After cricket and music, it's clothes. Pakistani fashion -- lace, beads, pin tucks, sequins -- is in.

  • A Burning Desire
    A Burning Desire

    It's been 18 years since the Sati (Prevention) Act was passed, but sati is still a way of life in Rajasthan

  • Blood Sport
    Blood Sport

    Pataudi got caught. But it's India's worst kept secret: there are many who take perverse pleasure in killing...

  • Banana Skins
    Banana Skins

    Nanotechnology and green fibres are giving traditional yarns a whole new fashion twist

  • Shades Of Summer
    Shades Of Summer

    Sunglasses are the in thing. And not just to block out the intense summer sun. They are all about being the...

  • Hot, Haute Dilli
    Hot, Haute Dilli

    India's fashion industry has come a long way. And this year's fashion week proved it.

  • A Taste Of India
    A Taste Of India

    India's fashion industry has come a long way since the '80s. Today, it enjoys a formidable global presence.

  • A Swish Set Takeout
    A Swish Set Takeout

    Somewhere along the last decade, sophistication entered the corporate columns. Then and now, and the new laws...

  • Samson In Curls
    Samson In Curls

    Hair couture arrives big time in India, boosted by international brands and a will to splurge

  • Summer Wine
    Summer Wine

    In the retro-bohemian-feminine trend this year, style and comfort will reign

  • Poison In The Ghats
    Poison In The Ghats

    The 2010 Commonwealth Games may yet salvage the river from the filthy drain that it has turned into

  • Dying Everyday
    Dying Everyday

    Fear, anger are normal victim reactions. It's mass depression that's scaring workers.

  • Snip...Snip...Snug

    The Indian designer is now opting for low-budget shows. It makes more business sense.

  • Pleasure In Pain
    Pleasure In Pain

    Happiness has a darker side. Annals of history are replete with horror stories of men and women who have...

  • Boss, Have Merc On Me
    Boss, Have Merc On Me

    With employers showering fancy incentives to retain talent, the party at the workplace has just begun

  • Super Novas
    Super Novas

    Two tales of quiet determination and smashed barriers

  • The Dotboomers
    The Dotboomers

    Indian models are no longer rare on foreign fashion runways. Their gift: a look that's exotic but not easy to...

  • Drop-Dead Gorgeous
    Drop-Dead Gorgeous

    Models who starve for that thin-is-in look may suffer from life-threatening ailments

  • Strains Of Wounded Glory
    Strains Of Wounded Glory

    For a soldier, losing limb is akin to losing life. Here's how they find another life.

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