September 28, 2020
Srivatsa Krishna

Srivatsa Krishna

  • Our Seat At The High Table
    Our Seat At The High Table

    Montek writes a warm, incisive and personal account of his role in the ascent of the economy. But his...

  • Perfect Case Of Relations Souring
    Perfect Case Of Relations Souring

    An angry bureaucrat slams the Kejriwal regime, wonders why it shouldn’t go

  • Modi’s Big Bang Economic Theory
    Modi’s Big Bang Economic Theory

    Two months after demonetisation, a look at what the radical economic exercise changed and what is left to be...

  • ‘President’ Modi’s Office
    ‘President’ Modi’s Office

    All right-thinking citizens should cherish how the PMO is game-changing India, and that too with just...

  • Tip Your App Hats Now
    Tip Your App Hats Now

    With a call for governpreneurship, Nilekani hopes for a truly Digital India

  • Our Mary, Queen Of Blots
    Our Mary, Queen Of Blots

    Any clean approach is sullied by a foul politics-business clinch

  • Beyond Vindhya Major
    Beyond Vindhya Major

    The South has no cause to rise again. Its sun has yet to set.

  • Wanted: Men With Guts
    Wanted: Men With Guts

    By going after Bihar criminals like Shahabuddin, two officers have redefined governance

  • India's Most Wanted
    India's Most Wanted

    I appeal to the Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh, to personally intervene to ensure Anil-Ratn's security --...

  • Us-Ap.Com: Quid Pro Quo
    Us-Ap.Com: Quid Pro Quo

    Two IT superpowers join forces to rewrite rules in cyberspace

  • Leveraging Net Worth
    Leveraging Net Worth

  • The Banking War Ahead
    The Banking War Ahead

    Anywhere, anytime, anyhow banking will be a reality when virtual kiosks replace brick'n mortar branches.

  • Ode To Liberalisation
    Ode To Liberalisation

    Leading economists pay tribute to the father of Indian reforms

  • India Scan
    India Scan

    Essaying a wide panorama

  • Finding Fault Lines
    Finding Fault Lines

    A seminal work on post-Cold War alignments and dynamics

  • Now, Just Do It
    Now, Just Do It

    Dreze and Sen fail to specify how to translate analysis into action

  • Edge Of Optimism
    Edge Of Optimism

    A grand vision marred by a limited, ethnocentric approach

  • Crisis Of Democracy
    Crisis Of Democracy

    A riveting book argues capitalism and democracy are incompatible

  • A Primer On Reforms
    A Primer On Reforms

    Not a middle-of-the-decade review, but a guide to the future

  • Of Uncivil Times
    Of Uncivil Times

    A bureaucrat's welcome memoirs, but sadly not candid enough

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