April 11, 2021

Sudeep Sen

  • Poetics Of Solitude, Songs Of Silence
    Poetics Of Solitude, Songs Of Silence

    Over the last three decades, I have spent most of my working hours happily and voluntarily self-isolated and...

  • In Psyche The Faithful Trust
    In Psyche The Faithful Trust

    It's a bleak time for Indian English poetry. These three fine talents dispel the gloom somewhat.

  • Two Lives Lived In Verse
    Two Lives Lived In Verse

    From Mahapatra’s incense- and petrichor-laden poems to Patel’s ironic urban themes, these volumes both...

  • A Deepening Entropy
    A Deepening Entropy

    Seth returns with melancholy, longing, homage and a light tread on politics

  • The Infinity of Finiteness
    The Infinity of Finiteness

    Lithe and precise, sometimes almost non-emotional in its restraint

  • Allow Us To Steal A Whiff
    Allow Us To Steal A Whiff

    Daruwalla’s ancient longings, Subramaniam’s wry humour, Swami’s colluding worlds and Goswami’s...

  • Mouldering Papers Are Us
    Mouldering Papers Are Us

    File Room is subtly perceptive and variously tactile. Its images of paper-laden spaces speak of absent...

  • Master Of Apostrophe
    Master Of Apostrophe

    Sutradhar, curator and Mumbaiah, Hoskote dazzles with his kaleidoscopic points of view and his multiphony

  • Warp, Weft, Village Life
    Warp, Weft, Village Life

    Two fine books of photos, one frames the interface of dance and textile, the other a Bengal village

  • Of Barricades And Byculla
    Of Barricades And Byculla

    The photobook Kashmir is involved, detached and tense; Bombay... casts a spell with haunting images and rich...

  • St Lucia Diary
    St Lucia Diary

    This tiny island boasts more Nobel laureates per capita than any other country.

  • Dream Whirligig, And Com Joshi's Lensman
    Dream Whirligig, And Com Joshi's Lensman

    One is a living, dancing choreography on art paper. The other a sweeping, solemn document of a grainy...

  • Chandrabhaga’s Quiet Waters
    Chandrabhaga’s Quiet Waters

    Two major Oriya-English poets measure memories, griefs, personal landscapes and the world in cadences of...

  • Water-Fairies From A Train Window
    Water-Fairies From A Train Window

    Real and evanescent, the Northeast in Boats on Land is a melange of past influences and present concerns; The...

  • Tobermory And His Friends
    Tobermory And His Friends

    As much a modern fable as it is a floor-level point of view of cosmopolis, largely through the eyes of cats

  • Prayer Call: Heat
    Prayer Call: Heat

    Outside, Allah-u-Akhbar pierces Nizamuddin's dank dawn air. It is still dark. Inside, electric light powers...

  • Undivided, Unhinged
    Undivided, Unhinged

    Loss, displacement and sadness arising from artificially created political, personal and topographical...

  • Now, The NWE
    Now, The NWE

    Upadhyay paints a slice of contemporary Nepal that is almost always overlooked in the books written by...

  • Feminine Duet
    Feminine Duet

    Well-travelled poems that have the fine tenor of a practiced musician

  • Language As Ballet
    Language As Ballet

    Chaudhuri is a poet's novelist

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