April 22, 2021

Sudha G. Tilak

  • Following The Dirt Track
    Following The Dirt Track

    About the messy bits of Delhi’s ruling class, the political chicanery and the games that emerging political...

  • Tales That Temples Tell
    Tales That Temples Tell

    Folklores and legends show that the fight to enter temples in south India has always been a knotty issue.

  • South Style Movies
    South Style Movies

    We’re sick to death of Bollywood and Hollywood. Southside films across the four regional languages made...

  • More Than Just A Swansong
    More Than Just A Swansong

    For those who are musically inclined, there’s much to cheer about in 2015.

  • Dictating Costume Codes
    Dictating Costume Codes

    Will Tamil men stop dictating what women should wear on Chennai's streets?

  • When The Swing Stopped
    When The Swing Stopped

    MS Viswanathan’s passing legacy is a vault of world music he ushered into Tamil and south Indian cinema

  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like TM Krishna?
    How Do You Solve A Problem Like TM Krishna?

    Caste and the status of the Tamil Brahmin continue to throw up discomfiting questions for the state's...

  • The Masala Mummy
    The Masala Mummy

    Meet the new Indian metro mum.

  • Dark And Dusky Doesn't Do It
    Dark And Dusky Doesn't Do It

    Perhaps the time has come to disallow our men, from the North or the South, to be the spokespersons on Indian...

  • Tamil Nadu’s Third Sex
    Tamil Nadu’s Third Sex

    The recent attack on Tamil writer Murugesan for his short story on alternate sexuality puts the spotlight on...

  • The Morph Elegy
    The Morph Elegy

    Bharatanatyam’s current exponents create a dance vocabulary all their own

  • The Ugliness Of The Tamil Hero
    The Ugliness Of The Tamil Hero

    Unlike Bollywood or other regional films, Tamil cinema heroes don't shy away from playing ugly.

  • A Chair For My Paati
    A Chair For My Paati

    A Chennai store fills a gap in geriatric care

  • Pradeep Chakravarthy
    Pradeep Chakravarthy

    Chakravarthy is an expert on ancient temples of Tamil Nadu and wants to launch an iPad version of The Road...

  • Lalita Iyer
    Lalita Iyer

    The author of I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot! on pregnancy and the Indian woman.

  • On An Even Plain
    On An Even Plain

    Why does the southerner remain the other for Bollywood?

  • Kadal

    Ratnam delivers by exacting stellar performances from his cast. But don’t expect his subtlety.

  • Yoko Ono
    Yoko Ono

    The artist-activist on Our Beautiful Daughters, her exhibition in Delhi

  • Jogen Chowdhury
    Jogen Chowdhury

    The painter, a Left-leaning-liberal-turned-Mamata-fan, comments on the change in the political and cultural...

  • Chennai Diary
    Chennai Diary

    Karan Johar’s commitment to family ties as a subject of his films is well known. It will find an echo in...

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