October 25, 2020

Sunil Sethi

  • A Poor Li'l Billionaire
    A Poor Li'l Billionaire

    For pace and sheer readability, you can't put this one down—though some Qs have no As

  • The Claws Don't Show
    The Claws Don't Show

    She's there, but not quite up close and definitely not personal

  • King Kipling
    King Kipling

    Gilmour's biography goes much beyond the man: it is as much a study of the imperial ideal as its literary...

  • The Genes Got Back To Her...
    The Genes Got Back To Her...

    Her grandmom eloped, so did her mom, but it was dance Sukanya inherited

  • Man As Barometer
    Man As Barometer

    He has been the ideal reviewer: a halfway house between writer/reader

  • Heat of the Cruel Son
    Heat of the Cruel Son

    Sanjay Gandhi earned every bit of his reputation. But was he a 'murderer' too as Katherine Frank alleges?

  • The Storyteller-Historian
    The Storyteller-Historian

    Classically brilliant essays on everything from plaster saints to cricket

  • Jahangir's Josephine
    Jahangir's Josephine

    Nur Jahan was far more complex than the traditional image suggests

  • Glimpses Of Nan
    Glimpses Of Nan

    Nehru's letters to his sister tell half the story of an enduring relationship

  • "I Passed On All The Information To Madhavrao Scindia In 1993"

    In a hard-hitting interview with Murali Krishnan in Chennai, former revenue secretary M.R. Sivaraman ...

  • A Proud Covenant
    A Proud Covenant

    Despite some lacunae, this history of the Sikhs is gripping

  • The Scholar Gypsy
    The Scholar Gypsy

    Ghose made tough, tragic choices, but his life inspired change

  • Love In Shimla
    Love In Shimla

  • Year Of Living Immoderately
    Year Of Living Immoderately

    Hip, hype, hyper that was India's golden jubilee year

  • Of A Future Mephistopheles
    Of A Future Mephistopheles

    New realities are award-winner Manjula Padmanabhan's forte

  • A Work Of Love
    A Work Of Love

    Octavio Paz on India is clear, critical but passionate

  • Mumbai Masala
    Mumbai Masala

    Chandra and Vakil have penned acclaimed books on the city but have been away too long

  • Poetic Nuances
    Poetic Nuances

    A collection of vivid surprises

  • Sai Paranjpye
    Sai Paranjpye

    Her latest film Saaz, inspired by the Mangeshkar sisters, causes a stir

  • A Nymph Named Zohra
    A Nymph Named Zohra

    Six tempestuous decades after setting out for Dresden in a silk burqa to learn dance, Zohra Sehgal retains...

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